How to Make a Button Wreath

Instead of stashing away your collection of favorite buttons in the dark, use them to create something beautiful that you can show off. A button wreath is one beautiful way to display your buttons and theme the colors to suit any occasion. Easy to put together, fun to make, this is a craft you'll probably find yourself wanting to do again!


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    Decide what color theme your wreath is going to have. If it's for a special event such as Christmas or the Fourth of July, the colors will be fairly specific. For a birthday wreath or an anniversary, choose the favorite colors of the person being honored. Or have a rainbow colored wreath, either in rainbow order or higgledy-piggledy.
    • Another approach is to worry less about the colors and more about the button shapes and textures. Work with what the buttons inspire you to do first and then decide whether the colors are working for you.
    • Great color themes for Christmas: Red and green, just red or green, all white, silvers and golds, etc.
    • Color theme for a patriotic event: The colors of your country's flag.
    • Color theme for spring: Pastels are a great choice.
    • Color theme for fall: Prefer browns, oranges, reds and golds.
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    Decide how you'd like to arrange the buttons before proceeding. Map out the design by arranging the buttons in a circle of the same size as the wreath. To do this, draw around the outside and inside rings of the wreath onto brown or white paper. Remove the wreath, then arrange the buttons as you'd like them. Include embellishments if you're using anything other than buttons.
    • Note that it tends to be easiest and prettiest if you overlap the buttons as part of your design. This covers up the wreath base and looks more filled out when completed. It also means you don't have to be strict about positioning.
    • Carefully keep this arrangement alongside you as you glue the buttons into place; this will ensure you keep any pattern you've come up with.
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    Start gluing the buttons into place. Following the design (or no design if preferred), start gluing the buttons onto the wreath one by one. Remember to add in any embellishments as you go.
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    Allow to dry completely. Add a hanger the back of the wreath and place it on display.

Things You'll Need

  • Buttons from your collection; if you don't have any, check out a local craft store or browse craft sellers online
  • Wreath base (cane, cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.)
  • Brown or white craft paper and pencil
  • Suitable craft glue; a hot glue gun is easiest
  • Other embellishments such as lace, fabric flowers, ribbon, etc.

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