How to Make a Button Christmas Tree

Two Parts:PreparationMaking the Christmas tree

A button Christmas tree is a simple craft to make; consisting of buttons attached to a Styrofoam cone, you can use seasonally colored buttons or colors that match the décor of your home or craft theme. When completed, this tree can be placed in display in the house or given as a gift to someone.

Part 1

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    Sort out the buttons. Decide what color theme you'd like; there are various choices, such as red and green buttons for a Christmas feel, two-tone or monotone to match the décor or theme, or multicolor buttons for a fun flair.
    • If you vary the size of the buttons, you'll need to make adjustments to the pattern as you go, to fit them in; overlapping them makes it easier to keep them all in place without showing the cone underneath. You can try all one size buttons first, then try varying the sizes for a second project, when you feel more confident.
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    Purchase a cone shaped piece of Styrofoam. The height is up to you, recognizing that the bigger it is, the more buttons you'll need.

Part 2
Making the Christmas tree

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    Decide whether or not to paint the Styrofoam cone. While not essential, painting the Styrofoam cone gold, silver or green before you place on the buttons will give your button Christmas tree a more professional finish. Allow to fully dry before proceeding, if you perform this step.
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    Attach one button to the top of the Styrofoam cone. Stick a pin into the button hole to keep it firmly in place. Try to match the pinhead color to the button's color, if possible.
    • Alternative: Use sequins to cover the pin. Use plain silver dressmaking pins and match the sequin color to the button. Slide the sequin onto the pin and push it up to the pinhead. Then, attach the pin to the cone positioned to keep the button in place. The sequin will fan out around the pin, covering any sign of foam and neatening the look of the attachment.
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    Attach the next button alongside the first button. At this stage, if you are creating a pattern, decide how this pattern will repeat. Examples include:
    • One red, one green, one red, one green; or two greens, two reds, etc. (or using different colors).
    • No pattern, all one color.
    • Random, especially if multi-colored but it's okay with other color variations too.
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    Work around the tree attaching the buttons in rows. Descend after each row is completed, to begin the next row.
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    Repeat until you reach the base of the tree. Make any adjustments needed to ensure that the last buttons cover any remaining foam.
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    Decorate if wished. At this stage, you can simply leave the tree as it is, or attach a small ribbon bow or wind a little gold or silver metallic fuzzy elastic length around the tree here and there to look like tinsel. (Don't add too much tinsel, just wind it around with generous gaps between it so that around three to four wraps are made, and no more.)
    • For the star at the top of the tree, cut two exactly the same paper stars from silver or gold card, and hot glue them in place, aligned with each other.
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    Done. The Christmas tree is now complete and ready for display or giving away.


  • In some cases, you might glue is handy if you need to hold a button on the cone in a particular way or at an angle.
  • These cones can be used for other occasions than Christmas, just by varying the colors. They make excellent table centerpieces and decorative items for dinner parties, weddings, celebrations, etc.


  • Take care when handling the pins.
  • This decoration is not suitable for children under 3 or pets. Keep out of reach.

Things You'll Need

  • Color topped pins, matched to the buttons if possible; if not, choose invisible/plain pins or silver dressmaking pins if using sequins
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Buttons in seasonal colors
  • Sequins (optional)
  • Metallic fuzzy elastic for tinsel (optional)
  • Gold or silver card for the star
  • Scissors
  • Gold, green or silver paint and paintbrush (optional)

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