How to Make a Bride Survival Kit

If you're looking for a handy and thoughtful gift to give a bride-to-be on her shower, or a little gift that will make her smile and feel prepared for whatever could go wrong on her big day, consider making her a Bride Survival Kit. This kit could also be made by the bride-to-be for herself so she's prepared for anything on her wedding day.


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    Buy or make a neat hold-all to keep everything inside. Ideally it should be compact and easily carried, so that the bride finds it easy to toss in with anything else she's toting around on the wedding day. A small purse, tiny keepsake box or a toiletry bag are probably good choices.
    • For an extra-special touch, buy or make a bag or container in the wedding colours (if you already know them). For a special touch, embroider or write the bride's name or "Bride Survival Kit" on the item.
    • Make sure that it's big enough to hold all the items you put in it, but not so big that it's awkward to carry around.
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    Find suitable items to place inside. Before going out and buying a bunch of items to put inside, consider using some items you probably already have in your house. You can always improve their appearance by by tying ribbons (in the wedding colours) around them. Look for items such as:
    • Tampons/sanitary napkins/panty liners (it's always best to add one of each, assume nothing)
    • Q-tips
    • Band-aids
    • Safety pins
    • Spare pair of pantyhose.
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    Buy other items to stash in the survival kit. When thinking of what to put inside, try to think of everything that could go wrong at a wedding (unless you are the bride - don't stress yourself out!). Then, put in an item that could fix or help with that problem. For example:
    • Mini nail file
    • Small tube of lip gloss
    • Topcoat of nail polish
    • Travel-sized hand sanitizer
    • Mini hairspray
    • Travel-sized sunblock
    • Compact mirror
    • Mini body lotion
    • Small pack of mints
    • Comb
    • Mini sewing kit
    • Travel-sized deodorant
    • Stain remover stick or sheets
    • Small pack of tissues
    • Sample-sized mascara (preferably waterproof).
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    Add some food items. It's a great idea to give the bride something small to nibble on if she's feeling nervous or a little peckish before the ceremony. Don't put in anything too big or messy. Consider something like a granola bar and a small juice box (choose something light-coloured such as apple juice - not something that will stain the dress!). To be on the safe side, you could put in a mini water bottle instead of a juice box.
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    Put in something personal. Don't write her a novel or make her a scrapbook - just add a handwritten note of encouragement and well-wishes to help her keep a handle on her nerves. If she likes sentimental things, write her a nice note about how much she means to you and that you wish her all the best. If she prefers something with a bit of humor, write her a few jokes (perhaps wedding-themed jokes) to make her laugh away the nerves.


  • A travel toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste pack is a good idea too.
  • This same idea could also be made into a Bridesmaid's Survival Kit and given out to the bridesmaids.
  • Remember that everything you put in the kit should be mini, travel-sized, or sample sized.
  • For a stress reliever, drop a few drops of lavender oil onto a pretty handkerchief and put it in the kit. She can have a quick sniff if she is stressed or something isn't going to plan.
  • Try to make the food you put in fat free or low on calories - she will already be feeling self-conscious and doesn't need a junky food to add to her worries.
  • Keep hair bands and bobby pins in the kit. You never know when loose hairs from the amazing hairdo might come down. A little hair gel can also help tuck back stray hairs in a hurry.

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  • Bag or container
  • Items as listed above
  • Handwritten note of support

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