How to Make a Blazer Casual

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The structured blazer will never be strictly casual on its own, but when paired with casual pieces, it can create a look that seems both fashionable and laid back. Casual pieces can work with a structured blazer, but they should still fit properly and have a clean, crisp appearance. Avoid raggedy clothes or clothing that does not fit correctly, since these garments will only make you look poorly put together.

Method 1
For Men

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    Wear your blazer over a t-shirt. A plain white t-shirt is the most versatile option, but color t-shirts can have a vibrant effect. Graphic t-shirts create a super-casual look and give you the opportunity to express more of your personality. This look goes great when paired with the right jeans.
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    Layer it with a cardigan. You need a looser fitting blazer for this look. Wear a cardigan over a simple t-shirt, then layer your blazer over your cardigan. Wearing this ensemble with khakis can make it borderline business casual, but wearing it with jeans brings it down to a strictly casual level.
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    Throw your blazer over a hoodie. This extremely casual style also requires a looser fitting blazer. Throw a pull-over hoodie over your t-shirt and shrug your blazer on over the hoodie. Make sure that the hood hangs over the back of your blazer and the drawstrings hang down in front.
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    Consider a polo shirt. This creates a dressier appearance than a t-shirt does, but when paired with jeans or shorts, it still looks fairly casual. Moreover, pairing your polo shirt and blazer with khaki cargo shorts gives the look a nautical ambiance.Image:Make a Blazer Casual Step 4.jpg
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    Leave your shirt un-tucked. Tucking in your shirt makes you look a little well put together, which works great for business casual settings and luncheons. For an everyday casual appearance, however, let your shirt hang out.
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    Pick out the right pair of jeans. A dark wash jean may give your blazer business casual appeal, but medium or light wash jeans can work just as well for a day out with friends. Either way, your jeans should fit properly and must not sag or look sloppy. You should look casual without looking frumpy.Image:Make a Blazer Casual Step 6.jpg
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    Try on a pair of cargo shorts. Both khaki and denim shorts can work, but just like jeans, they must fit properly at your waist without sagging.
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    Opt for sneakers. Oxfords, loafers, and other dress shoes may make your ensemble too formal or professional. Stick with a clean pair of sneakers. White sneakers look clean-cut and leave a nice impression, but colorful sneakers may help achieve a more casual look.
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    Consider sandals. Leather walking sandals paired with a blazer, shirt, and cargo shorts creates a supremely casual summer look.

Method 2
For Women

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    Throw it on over a casual dress. Think tunic dresses and sundresses, but avoid cocktail dresses or professional dresses. The more casual the dress, the more casual your blazer will look with it.
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    Wear it with a t-shirt or tank top. A fitted shirt in a plain color creates the most versatile option, and you can either dress it up with accessories or leave it plain. Graphic t-shirts also work well and look even more casual than plain shirts.
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    Try it with a camisole. For a flirty, feminine twist, wear your blazer with nothing but a camisole on underneath. A plain camisole creates an especially casual ambiance, but a camisole with lace or bead detailing can add personality while still keeping the look casual. Match your top with a casual bottom, like jeans or shorts.
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    Choose a stylish blouse. A soft, flowing blouse in a bold print or color creates a chic contrast against a rigid, structured blazer. Just make sure to keep your bottom casual. Khakis and dress pants can easily make this style look too formal or professional.
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    Pick out the perfect pair of jeans.
    • A dark wash in a classic cut can work well with a blazer to create a business casual look, but for an everyday casual option, go for a lighter wash.
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    • Skinny jeans can look especially chic, but boot-cut jeans and flares can still work well if they flatter your body shape better.
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    • Distressed washes and trendy embellishments also bring out the blazer's casual potential.Image:Make a Blazer Casual Step 14Bullet3.jpg
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    Strut around in shorts. Denim shorts look especially casual, but designer shorts and Bermuda shorts may have a slightly more sophisticated air. Shorts work especially when you wear your blazer with camisoles, tank tops, and t-shirts.Image:Make a Blazer Casual Step 15.jpg
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    Consider a mini-skirt. If you have the legs for it, then a mini-skirt makes a highly stylish alternative. Play with a variety of styles, from faded denim and cargo to pleats and ruffles. To keep things casual, try pairing it with a plain tank top or graphic t-shirt.Image:Make a Blazer Casual Step 16.jpg
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    Look for leggings. Black and patterned leggings can have an edgy sense of style, but you should avoid sheer pantyhose, since these will likely detract from the sense of casualness. Wear your leggings beneath long knit sweaters, tunic dresses, and skirts before topping it all off with your blazer.
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    Finish off with the right shoes. Just about anything goes, from gladiator flats to knee-high boots, depending on the rest of your outfit. You may want to avoid shoes that look too professional, however, so leave the black pumps you wear to the office at home. Wear your


  • Women need to be careful about picking a blazer that flatters their body shape. In general, the larger your chest, the fewer buttons you want. A double-breasted blazer works well for flatter busts, but well-endowed women may want to consider single-breasted blazers with a single button.
  • Choose the right color. Black, navy blue, gray, and brown are the most common and the most professional. Lighter shades and colors may naturally look more casual, but exercise caution in selecting a pastel blazer since many may end up looking tacky instead of laid back.

Things You’ll Need

  • Blazer
  • T-shirt
  • Cardigan
  • Hoodie
  • Polo shirt
  • Tank Top
  • Camisole
  • Blouse
  • Dress
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Mini-skirt
  • Sneakers
  • Stylish shoes

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