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Two Methods:Making a Beach In Your HomeMaking a Beach in Your Backyard

Can't make the trek to the beach? Not a problem -- bring it to your own home! Whether you want to build one in your home, in your backyard, or next to a pond or lake, the beach can come to your door, winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Method 1
Making a Beach In Your Home

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    Spread sand on your patio or sunroom tiles. For the record, sand in your home can get a bit messy. Even if you relegate it to the sunroom, it'll track in and get everywhere. Your better bet is your patio, but if sand is something you're willing to deal with (or very diligent about) you can bring the beach right to your doorstep. Make sure you have enough to cover the area with at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of sand.
    • Beach sand or mortar sand (both work) is widely available at many home improvement stores. If that's turning up nothing, there's always the wonder that is the Internet!
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    Consider your color scheme and materials. When you think of the beach, do you think in muted natural tones or bright tropical shades? Neither is wrong, but both evoke entirely different feels. Are you picturing Maine or Thailand? Hawaii or Spain? A Tahitian hut or a lakeside cabin getaway?
    • As for materials, it's best to go as natural as possible. Wood, bamboo, and light linens are three that easily come to mind. Stay away from the plastics and metals as much as possible to keep your theme cohesive, consistent, and clear.
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    Consider the lighting. If your beach is outside on your patio, this is less of an issue -- but if your beach is inside, you need to be able to channel the sun! Throw open all the windows; if need be, get light, flowy, light-colored curtains that can waft in the breeze. You want the room to be as bright and airy as possible.
    • Candles are a good touch, too, if you're a nighttime beach-goer. Very romantic!
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    Set up your beach chairs. Because otherwise you're just rolling around in the sand on your own patio. The plastic, easy-to-haul beach chairs are fine, but wooden or bamboo Adirondack-style chairs are even better.
    • If there's not enough space, consider a small wooden bench, space for towels, or even driftwood.
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    If you'd like, fill a wading pool with water and a bit of salt substitute. If kids are around, they'll love it! Just make sure you have a wide enough area for splashing -- the whole area could get soaked!
    • Not a pool fan? Try a fountain! It takes care of the water aspect, has a calming effect, and adds natural, soothing sounds to the area.
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    Add the final touches. Depending on the type of beach you want to create, there are many additional finishes you can add. Consider a few of the following ideas:
    • Seashells
    • Plants
    • Music (set up a stereo or Bluetooth system to play wave and seagull sounds or Calypso music)

Method 2
Making a Beach in Your Backyard

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    Get enough sand to cover the entire area at least 6 inches (15.2 cm) deep. Beach or mortar sand works best and is widely available. Decomposed granite can also work as your base and is easy to mold into dunes. Map out the area before your trip and always overestimate your needs.
    • It's best if you're working on clay soil; it holds the sand up nicely.
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    Get a shade cloth to route moisture. Covering your backyard with sand won't exactly do wonders for your backyard's natural soil composition. Get a shade cloth for moisture and gasses in the ground to pass through organically. It also helps prevent the sand from pushing into the natural soil of your backyard.
    • Shade cloths are available at gardening warehouses and stores, though there will definitely be more options available online.
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    Build a fence to mimic the sea-to-sky horizon. If water isn't nearby, no problem! Build a fence around the side of your beach with dark blue on bottom and light blue on top -- this mimics the horizon of the sea, adding depth to your own personal beach. And it's still neutral enough that the colors aren't super in-your-face and obnoxious.
    • This also nicely ropes off your beach area. It keeps the sand in, defines the area, and keeps others out!
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    Add a firepit. Because what beach is complete with the possibility of having bonfires? You can repurpose an old grill-top (kettle barbecue) with the vents open, nestled in gravel, too. Or spring for that firepit!
    • Of course, check with your local legislation. It's possible it's totally illegal.
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    Add any extra beach-y fixings. You've got your sand, you've got your fence, and you've got your firepit. What else is there? Here's a few ideas to whet your beach-y appetite:
    • Lawn chairs
    • Seashells
    • Beach toys
    • Table
    • Umbrella
    • Plants
    • Driftwood
    • Music system
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    If building near a lake or pond, consider a few more things:
    • Be sure to build a retaining wall for your sand -- you don't want it all seeping into the water. This can be done with underwater sandbox cross ties, landscape timbers, or even just a concrete curb.
    • Make sure to mark said retaining wall with buoys; if people go into the water, they won't stub their toes on the wall.
    • Buy a sand rake for weeds that will inevitably spring up; you may also need to roto-till the sand a couple times a year.


  • Try not to drown!

Things You'll Need

  • Wading pool (salt substitute optional)
  • Sand
  • Beach chairs
  • Shade cloth, retaining wall, buoys (if outdoors)
  • Extras (plants, fountain, towels, driftwood, seashells, umbrella, table, toys)

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