How to Make a Bamboo Staff

Bamboo staffs are great. They're easy to make, and perfect for hikes, etc.


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    Find yourself a sturdy piece of bamboo. It can be any length that you want it to be, but the perfect staff either comes about a foot above your head or right above the top of your ear.
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    Smooth it. Once you have your bamboo, sand or cut off any twigs or bumps. If you used your foot or hands to break off the bamboo, use a sharp knife to slice off the ends so they're even. There may be some "gunk" on your bamboo. Use a duller knife to scrape it off.
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    Try walking around with the piece of bamboo. Once you've found where your hand will rest while you're using it, sand the spot until it's very smooth. You may want to put some cloth, ribbon, etc. around the handle.
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    Decorate. Try hot gluing a small rock to the top of the staff. It also looks cool if you use a knife to make animal markings, dots, lines, etc. on the staff everywhere but the handle. Use silver duct tape for shiny, reflective rings.


  • Some bamboo looks strong, but it really easy to break. Make sure you use a fresh piece instead of a dead one, and if it IS a dead one, make sure it's strong before using it.
  • While finding your bamboo, you don't have to measure it there on the spot. For the perfect fit, cut it first and measure it later.


  • Before you use your staff to beat off a pack of hungry coyotes, pole vault across a river, etc. make sure it's very strong.
  • Be careful while handling the knife to cut the bamboo, decorate it, etc.

Things You'll Need

  • A single stalk of bamboo
  • A sharp knife
  • A dull knife (or just use your sharp one carefully..)
  • A small rock (optional)
  • Duct tape (optional)
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Cloth, ribbon, leather, etc. (optional)

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