How to Make a Balloon Jester Hat, Sword and Belt

Kids love balloon sculptures such as hats, animals, wings and many others. These instructions will get you started on 3 different sculptures and are popular items at birthday parties. It is best to hire a professional for your party but if this is not possible these instructions will provide for your children


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    Pick 5 different colored twisting balloons. Inflate each of them with the pump leaving an unblown tail of about 5 inches (12.7 cm) at the end. Tie each of them off and set all but one aside.
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    Use that balloon for the hat base. Put it around a child’s head and twist the 2 ends together to form a circle that fits the child’s head.
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    Next take one of the remaining balloons and at the inflation end make a one inch bubble. This is done by moving one inch from end and pinching the balloon together to form a bubble. Then twist the bubble around the twist on the base balloon. Take another balloon and make a one inch bubble in it. Take the base and pinch it opposite the place where the other balloon it attached. Now twist the bubble around the base balloon to attach the balloon to the base.
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    Attach the other two balloons in like manner so that all 4 balloons are evenly spaced around the base of the hat. Twist the four balloons together about one third of the way up from the hat base. Then twist the balloons together again about two thirds of the way up from the hat base.
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    Inflate 4 water balloons and tie one on the tips of each of the four upright balloons. Bend the balloon tips outward.This completes the Jester Hat.
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    The Balloon Sword is simple to make and requires only one balloon. Take an inflated balloon and make a one inch bubble at the inflation end. Twist the bubble several times in one direction. Hold on to the bubble, go down 4 inches (10.2 cm) and fold it against the balloon. Pinch the balloon at that point and twist it and the bubble together to form a rough circle. Open the circle and poke the end of the balloon through the center leaving a larger circle at the end as a handle for the sword.
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    The Belt is the same as the hat base except it goes around the waist loose enough for the sword to be put between the belt and the waist.


  • Do Not allow children to put balloons in their mouth! If it pops it could choke the child!

Things You'll Need

  • Bag of balloons made for twisting (2X60 Sculpture Balloons)
  • Bag of multicolor Water Balloons
  • Balloon Pump

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