How to Make a Balloon Drum

This is probably the easiest way to make a simple drum for you to spend time with.


  1. Image titled BallonTape Step 1
    Get a balloon and a roll of sticky tape and a rubber band.
  2. Image titled MakeSureBallonBig Step 2
    Make sure the balloon is really big, or really stretched out.
  3. Image titled CutBalloonNeck Step 3
    Cut the neck of the balloon with scissors and throw it away, you won't need the neck.
  4. Image titled StretchBalloon Step 4
    Stretch the balloon's body on the roll of tape. You might fail the few first times, so don't worry. Though if it doesn't fit, get a bigger balloon.
  5. Image titled StretchVeryTight Step 5
    If you want a high pitch, make the balloon stretched really tight. If you want a lower one, make it looser.
  6. Image titled PutRubberBand Step 6
    For safety, stretch a rubber band on the tape too to keep the balloon safely on the roll.
  7. Image titled GetDrumsticks Step 7
    Use whatever you have for the drumsticks: pencils, pens and other stuff. Just whatever sounds right to you.
  8. Image titled HaveFun Step 8
    Have fun.


  • If you may do the same on other things, like cups, or even pots. It depends on the balloon's size.


  • Sometimes the balloon might slip and hurt your face and your eyes, be careful.
  • Do not touch it with sharp things.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloon.
  • Scissors.
  • Roll of sticky tape.
  • A pencil or a pen or anything long and thin for drumsticks.

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