How to Make a Baby Welcome Broom

There is nothing like a new baby coming into the world and there is truly nothing like a great arrival welcoming to let everyone know that your baby has arrived, or soon will be arriving. This is an interesting craft project aimed at celebrating the entry of a new baby into the world.


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    Collect all the items in the "Things you'll need" section. Read that section first to understand the rest of this article.
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    Plug in the glue gun, or start heating the glue squares in the pan on low.
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    Wind a piece of ribbon loosely down the length of the broom. Cut at the correct length, leaving a little extra space. Cut a few longer pieces for streamers. If you would like to write something on one of the streamers (the baby's name, etc.), do so now. You can make a bow, or cut several pieces at a time to build a bow, by looping and gluing one piece at a time.
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    Lay the wicker broom on an old newspaper that's in a well-lit work area. Apply hot glue sparingly, beginning in the top center to the back of the handle of the broom. Place one of the cut ends of the ribbon on the first glue dot and press, allow to dry. Then slowly wrap the handle, leaving small gaps, so that the broom can be seen; once to the end, apply a dab of glue, press and hold. Snip any excess ribbon off.
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    Glue on the streamers. The goal is to place the ribbon on the broom section; thus you need to decide how you want the broom to be hung up, for that will make a big difference in what direction to place the ribbon. Before adding the streamers be sure the word (Welcome or baby's name) has been already applied; then carefully glue pieces up under the bow, by simply lifting the edges of the bow and applying dabs of glue...then follow suit...same as above. See tip below for streamers.
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    Add the baby rattle and pacifier. These items can be glued on, or tied on by using thin ribbon. If using glue just follow the same step as for ribbon. See suggestion under Tips.
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    Apply small pieces of baby's breath on the broom,for a fresh appeal.
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    Don't forget to pick up a nice card; taking the time to pick out that special card is always appreciated ... in this case it may go inside a baby's album ... so take the time, it will go nicely with your special gift.
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  • You can also use a small woven wreath for this project ... all the same items can be used, as above. Simply wrap the ribbon around the wreath and glue to the back.
  • Keep in mind that when you are about to begin gluing items on the actual broom part (not the handle) have handle pointing upward. You will be hanging the broom up by the handle in an upright position.
  • For anyone that does not feel comfortable using hot glue there is an optional plan; heavy stick pins can be used to secure the ribbon, and smaller size ribbon can be used to tie the rattle and pacifier on. Be sure that the pins that you buy have a thick head, so that they will not be lost inside the broom or wreath. They will be much easier to work with.
  • If using the skillet method on the glue, you will need a spoon to apply the glue.
  • Cutting a V shape on the ends of the streamers will give them a classy appeal.
  • With any well-made project a person must start out with time, patience, and a creative mind.
  • If you're not sure if the baby is a boy or girl stay away from the pink and blue colors on the baby rattle and pacifier ... go with colors like yellow, green and white.
  • In measuring the length of the ribbon needed for the handle, a measuring tape can be used. However, it is not necessary: simply hold the ribbon beside the handle and leave extra ribbon for cutting. It is better to have too much ribbon cut than not enough.


  • Be sure to use an old pan and spoon, for it will be useless for anything else, other than applying and heating glue.
  • Be careful using hot glue, you may want to wear gloves, especially if heating glue in a pan.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Old Newspaper
  • Hot glue gun (or hot glue squares and old pan and spoon)
  • Small- or medium- sized wicker broom
  • Ribbon
  • baby rattle/pacifier
  • glitter and glue (optional)
  • baby's breath (optional)

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