How to Make a 'Levitating' Witch Broom

Two Parts:Making the broomHanging the broom

A levitating or flying witch broom illusion makes for a fun decoration during Halloween season. It can be hung from anywhere, such as from a ceiling for a party event or from a tree as part of Halloween yard decorations. It's easy to make, so don't hesitate to add this fun contraption to your Halloween decorating.

Part 1
Making the broom

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    Find either an old/new broom handle or a dowel of similar width as a broom handle.
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    Find suitable bristle material. This could be twigs from your yard or garden, dried grasses or other plant material. If you can't find suitable outdoor material, see what's available in the floral art section of your local craft store; look for twigs or branchlets used in flower arrangements. These can be painted any color preferred.
    • Do you want golden-colored bristles or dark bristles? That's really up to you, and the background the broom will levitate against––just ensure that it will be easy to see.
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    Attach the bristles to one end of the broomstick or dowel. Arrange them around the broomstick or dowel so that they are all even (they can be uneven lengths at the other end, it's just the end around the broomstick that needs to look neat). Wrap cord or wire around the twigs, grass lengths or other items serving as bristles, to hold them in place firmly. You can even add a little glue for extra strength if needed.
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    Wrap a dark-colored ribbon around the wire or cord used to hold the bristles in place. This neatens off the appearance. Tie on tightly and trim off excess ribbon.
    • If preferred, use a bright ribbon, such as red or neon. It's down to you and the color theme of your event.
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    Done. The broom is now ready for hanging and creating the illusion.

Part 2
Hanging the broom

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    Prepare the hanging fixtures first. The type of fixture used will vary depending on where you're hanging the broom; basically, for the illusion to work, you'll need to work with the background and ensure the hanging fixtures blend into it.
    • If hanging the broom outdoors, use a black or very dark colored twine or rope as the hanging fixture for the broom; this will blend in with the darkness of the night, helping to create the flying illusion.
    • If hanging indoors, use invisible thread or fishing line. This will make it hard to see that the broom is suspended by something.
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    Tie one length of the chosen twine, thread or line to one end of the broom. Then connect another length of the twine or thread to the bristle end of the broom. Tie firmly at both ends and hold it up to check that the balance is good before you hang it.
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    Hang both ends to a tree limb or somewhere indoors, such as from a ceiling beam. Stand back and check that it is creating the illusion and make any adjustments as needed.
    • Try hanging the broom straight and hanging it an angle; check each approach to see which one looks more realistic in your setting.
    • Always check that you are hanging the broom high enough to avoid mishaps with faces and necks; since people cannot see the threads holding the broom up, taller people might walk into the threads and get entangled. Avoid this by making adjustments to ensure the broom is hanging higher than tall persons, or select placement where nobody is able to walk into the broom area.


  • You can add a strobe light or a flash light amid at the broom which will make it more visible and interesting to look at.
  • If you can't find dark twine or cord, you can paint it black to blend in better with the darkness.
  • Make a witch dummy to add on top of the broom.
  • If you like, add hanging stars around the levitating broom. Maybe add a moon as well.
  • If you don't want to make the broom, look for straw brooms in hardware stores or online. Simply attach the broom as outlined in the steps above.


  • If using paint, always paint in a well-ventilated area.
  • If you're using a ladder to hang the broom, be safe and use appropriate precautions.

Things You'll Need

  • Broomstick, wooden dowel (or any suitable stick)
  • Bristles (twigs, small branches or floral twig stock); if you're really desperate, long wooden skewers can work at a pinch
  • Thin gauge wire and tin snips
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paint (optional)
  • Twine, rope, cord invisible thread or fishing line
  • Witch materials (optional, only if making a witch for the broom)

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