How to Make a "Clean Day" for Your Computer

Cleaning out your computer at least once a month will make a world of difference in the performance of the machine.


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    Devote some time into this. Create a batch file, or use Windows Scheduler, if it is available.
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    Start the Following programs, in order:
    • Spybot: Search & Destroy. Get it at; SpyBot takes up to an hour to finish its job.
    • AdAware: Google search it, and download it. The point is that AdAware gets what SpyBot does not look for, and vice versa.
    • MRT: Go to Run, type in MRT, and hit the "Enter" key.
    • Anti-Virus software of choice. Start a full scan.
    • Your Registry Cleaner of choice.
    • Disk Clean Up; Go to Run, type in "cleanmgr" and hit "Enter". Pick what you want to be deleted, compressed, or otherwise.
    • Defragmenter. Go to run, type in defrag, and hit "Enter".
    • Windows Live OneCare safety scanner does all of this. Go to and look for Safety Scanner. Run all three tools.
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    If you are running XP or Vista, press "WindowsKey" + "L" to disconnect your session, when you plan to leave your computer alone. This sends you to the Welcome Screen, with all of your programs still running.


  • Allow each program to run one at a time.
  • Never do anything with the computer while defragmenter is running. Doing so could cause data loss.

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