How to Make a "Best Friends" Journal

Making a BFF journal is really good and important because you will not lose the sweet memories that you have with your BFF. When you guys grow older, both of you can look at it together and recall how much fun you had together (it's a very enjoyable process when you are recalling your sweet memories.


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    Buy a book, preferably a A3 one so the you can paste many stickers, neoprints and draw and express yourself more on a single page.
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    Set aside the first page for the cover page. You can design the cover page in whatever way you like. You could paste a picture of you and your BFF and use markers and pens to draw and decorate the page.
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    Set aside the second and third page for your BFF and you to write all about yourself. One page for you and one page for your BFF.
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    Set aside pages for your BFF and you. For example, you could always write on the left side while your BFF wrote on the right. (It is much neater that way.)
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    Buy lots of colored pens, shiny pens, markers, stickers for decoration purposes. Also buy glue to stick your pictures and stuff.
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    Take lots of pictures together.
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    Try to write on your BFF journal at least once a week.


  • Try to use your creativity and make your BFF journal as interesting as possible but it should also reflect on you and your BFF's personality as well.
  • You could write about both of your crushes, it would be really interesting.
  • Take as much pictures with your BFF as you can so that you can paste it on your journal.
  • There are many things that you can write about, for example, school, family, shopping together, hanging out together etc.


  • Do not let other people (other than you or your BFF) read.
  • Do not lose your BFF journal or it would be a real waste.
  • Please do not write thing that are too mean on your BFF journal as you will not like it when you read it a few years down the road.
  • Don't look at each other's journal entry until both of you have finished your entry as it will also cause distraction.
  • Do not write things that are untrue.
  • Don't look at your BFF journal when your BFF is writing it because it will distract her.

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