How to Maintain Your Wardrobe

A wardrobe is relatively easy to maintain. A new stain, run, snag or tear are easy to remedy. Here's a few tips:


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    Read clothing labels.
    • Buy high-quality basics that are easy to clean.
    • Look for permanent press fabrics.
    • Clothes that need to be dry-cleaned are an added expense.
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    Look for flaws. Get in the habit of looking over your clothes before laundering.
    • Remove stains immediately with soap and water.
    • Stop a run in hosiery with a small dab of nail polish.
    • Use a small crochet hook to pull a snag to the inside of a sweater.
    • Repair a hem or tear temporarily by hand.
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    Wash clothes frequently.
    • Wash tops after one day of wear.
    • Wash skirts or pants after two days of wear.
    • Wash a jacket three times during a season of wear.
    • Wash sneakers once a month and more often if needed.
    • Zip zippers prior to laundering.
    • Hang clothes, at the waistline, on a wooden clothes rack.
    • Iron your clothes.
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    Store clothes properly.
    • Use tubular hangers to maintain the natural shape of your clothes.
    • Use a closet shelf for heavy sweaters.
    • Use a dresser for small and delicate items, such as lingerie.
    • Hang belts by the buckle. Avoid hanging a purse by its strap.
    • Store shoes in stacked, individual boxes or use a shoe rack.
    • Avoid leaving sneakers in a car. The expansion of heat and contraction of the cold will crack the rubber.
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    Organize your wardrobe. Keep a handy list of your coordinated outfits.
    • Sort tops, skirts and pants into their own section in the closet.
    • Sort everything by color. Place your blue tops together. Place your black pants together.
    • Try not to stuff or overcrowd your wardrobe.
    • Two or three weeks worth of clothes can stretch into a couple of months, if you've taken the time to coordinate your outfits.


  • Search wikiHow for ways to remove tough stains, such as ink, oil, blood or grass. Keep a handy list in the laundry room.
  • Keep stain removers, wipes, a small sewing kit, nail polish and lint remover in your purse, desk drawer or glove compartment.

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