How to Maintain Your Motorcycle's Leather Accessories

When you own a motorcycle, you may want to do what you can to keep it looking nice. Helping maintain the leather of your bike and your riding accessories can keep them in great condition and looking pristine. Here are some tips on how to maintain your motorcycle's leather accessories.


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    Vacuum the leather on your motorcycle before you start to clean it.
    • You can use a vacuum hose on the bigger areas and a narrower attachment on the crevices. You can also use anything that blows air, such as a computer keyboard air duster to get any dust or crumbs out. Getting rid of all little particles will prevent them from scratching your leather when you use the leather cleaner.
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    Use cleaners that are specifically for leather.
    • Be sure to use the correct type of cleaner for your motorcycle accessories. Look for one that does not contain alkaline or any acid as these may cause your leather to dry. Do not use regular soap or detergents on your leather because they can dry the leather as well, and take off the natural oil that makes your leather shine.
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    Rinse your leather using water and a clean cloth or sponge.
    • Be sure to rinse thoroughly and to let the leather dry slowly at room temperature. Do not use a blow dryer or any other heated appliance to try to dry your leather quicker.
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    Apply leather conditioner once the leather is completely washed and dried.
    • Using conditioner on wet or dirty leather will trap the dirt or water into the leather and cause it to degrade faster. Leather conditioner will help keep your bike's leather moisturized. It also helps to prevent pollutants in the environment from damaging the leather.
    • You can also choose a conditioner specifically for your needs. There are leather conditioners that have ingredients that are antimicrobial and help preserve your leather. There are also those that provide waterproofing.
    • Use a small amount of conditioner and a soft clean cloth to rub it into the motorcycle's leather. Once you have covered all the leather, let it sit for about 1/2 hour to let it absorb. You can choose to apply a second layer or just wipe off any extra with a clean cloth.
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    Use petroleum jelly on your leather jackets, pants and chaps.
    • Many riding accessories are made of leather and you may want to maintain those as well. If your leather clothes start to look as though they are drying, wipe a very small amount of petroleum jelly all over the garment. Let it dry before applying another layer.


  • Do not use saddle soap for cleaning motorcycle leather. Saddle soap is a leather tanner and it contains a high amount of alkaline.

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