How to Maintain Windows

Taking care of the windows in your house helps retain its look and value and can reduce energy costs. Windows and frames must be maintained to prevent them from deteriorating over time. Here are some tips on how to maintain windows.


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    Have windows professionally inspected.
    • Hire a home repair or window installation expert to inspect your windows and explain signs of wear or degradation that need maintenance. An expert will be able to point out areas where windows need to be maintained that you might miss and advise you on how to maintain your windows properly.
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    Look for cracked or broken panes.
    • Broken window panes allow heat to leak out during the winter and could be dangerous, so repair any cracked or broken window panes first.
    • Consult a professional window or home repair company to repair broken window glass. Do not try to replace broken windows yourself.
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    Examine rubber seals.
    • Rubber window seals hold the window glass into the frame. These seals crack and deteriorate as they age and could need to be replaced. Maintain window seals by inspecting them at least twice a year and having the seals replaced by professionals, as needed.
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    Notice moisture inside window frames.
    • Examine each window for signs of moisture or condensation inside the window or frame. This could include droplets of water or mold. Accumulated moisture is a sign that the window seal is leaking somewhere in the frame and needs to be replaced.
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    Caulk windows.
    • Look for gaps between the wall and the window frame or casing. Protect windows by filling in any gaps with window caulk, which will create an airtight seal and prevent damaging moisture from getting into the window.
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    Replace weather stripping.
    • Weather stripping can be found in the groove of the window frame and helps keep heat and energy from escaping and moisture from leaking in. Replace weather stripping if it looks cracked, broken or if there are pieces missing.
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    Invest in storm windows.
    • Storm windows are installed externally and protect your regular windows from damage caused by weather and natural elements. Storm windows are beneficial if your house is old or you live in a climate prone to storms.
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    Check locks and latches.
    • Window locks keep your house secure and help seal the windows. Replace latches and locks if they are broken and tighten any that are loose.
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    Insulate during winter.
    • Add extra insulation to windows to protect seals and weather stripping during extreme cold temperatures
    • Install window treatments with shades and curtains for window protection that is also decorative.
    • Consider lining windows with insulation during cold months. It will reduce the light coming through the window, but will also help protect the window's seal and frame and keep heat inside.

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