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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet (With/Without Fast Food)

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If you have ever watched the fast-food run- in McDonald's based movie about a man who eats McDonald's fast food for thirty days and ends up in a bad position, then you know a lot more about McDonald's then some other people do! No offense to others, but America is the #1 country in the world that is affected by obesity the most. If you want to learn how to be healthy and enjoy life with fast food, read on!


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    Exercise. Companies make billions of dollars off of diet pills that 'advertise' that you can lose weight-in some cases-in a week by taking pills. Now, some people have the common sense to not use these pills. The companies that sell these pills are trying to make money off of people. It does not matter to them how healthy you are or what you're well-being is- to an extent. Exercising helps depression. Yes, if you try, it can shed the pounds that you have been trying to lose for three months. Pills cannot do that for you. Exercising for at least 60 minutes. a day will help you jump start your day, no matter what or where it is. Going on the treadmill or walking your dog in your neighborhood, as long as you are moving, you are exercising.
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    Learn how to eat properly. Yes, food is essential. Without it, humans cannot live. Well, we all know that. But what some of us don't know is how to take in food within moderation. For instance, traveling to McDonald's once every month is okay. Going to McDonald's drive-in every day is not necessary under any circumstances, though. Over half of the full meals on McDonald's menu are over 300 calories. To eat right, you need to know what amounts and types of foods that should consist of your diet every day. Useful advice- do not eat lettuce leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This is not eating well. Maintaining a healthy diet does not mean going to extremes, it means finding a healthy balance.
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    Watch your School lunches. If you are in grade school and you eat school lunch, you might have healthy or unhealthy meals served at your school. Whatever school that you go to, usually most kids order school lunches instead of bring their own. This does not have to mean that bringing your own lunch to school/work is always healthier. For example, some schools serve mostly processed and prepackaged meals to their students. On the other hand, other schools serve just-made, non-prepared fresh meals that either come from local markets or are shipped from companies nearby. Making healthier choices is always part of a better diet. If you choose pizza, cookies, cake, and a soda for lunch, that is NOT considered a healthy choice. If you like pizza or for instance, a cheeseburger and fries, try to add salad to your tray. Eating burgers and fries is not always bad if you find a balance and have fruits/vegetables on your plate at every meal of the day.
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    Don't skip meals. Some people make the choices to skip one of these meals on their daily schedules. In most cases, it is breakfast and lunch. Skipping one of these meals is not going to help you lose weight at all. In fact, it can be the cause to gaining weight at times. When you start out your day, ex. waking up in the morning, your stomach is usually empty and you need something to start your day off so that you will be in a good mood, happy, and energetic. When you don't put food in your body in the morning, it is going to cause the urge for hunger all throughout the day and into the night. It will encourage you to eat more because you haven't put anything in your stomach yet. Skipping meals is not a good choice. A breakfast does not mean a chocolate chip cookie with milk. A good breakfast can be fruit/nuts with cream, a folded whole grain pita pocket with peanut butter/butter/jelly inside, cereal, whole grain bread, etc. There are lots of different options to choose from.

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