How to Lucid Dream Quickly

Have you ever wanted to control your dreams, but do not know exactly how to do that? The scientific term for controlling your dreams is lucid dreaming, or know that you are in a dream. Having a lucid dream is the base of being able to control your dreams. Once you know you are in a dream, you can start controlling the dream. I hope this helps and good luck!


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    To start, you should be laying down in the dark, when you are exceptionally tired. Lay down and relax your body. Let your thoughts go, and just relax. Have no worries. Forget the world, forget your body. Focus on your mind.
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    Have you ever felt the feeling of slipping into sleep, or everything being so peaceful all you see is black while you know that you still are awake? Well, stay laying down in your bed, and try to fall asleep. But, keep your mind conscious. It may take awhile, but be patient.
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    Once you have the feeling that we mentioned in the last step, try to imagine you jumping on a trampoline. You may feel a faint feeling of bouncing. Or, imagine that you are swimming in the ocean, a nice cool ocean, and the waves keep going over you. You may feel that when the waves come over you, you feel a wave of coolness. Use one of those two things.
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    Keep doing one of those two methods, and whatever I said you may feel, the feeling will get stronger. The visualization will get clearer. Make sure that you don't get too excited at this part, though. This will thrust you back into full-consciousness.
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    After you have been doing this for 10-30 minutes, it will feel like you were thrown into the whole scenario of what you where imagining. If you chose the trampoline, you can control to jump so high into the sky that you can start flying. If you chose the ocean, you can dive underwater and explore the depths of the ocean with mermaids.
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    It may be a little hard to move at first, because you are not used to being able to move yourself in your dreams. Just move little by little. And don't get super excited either. That will wake you up. And finally when you can control you body, you can start to be able to add people into the dream, remove people, do things you aren't able to do in reality, and change the places that you are in.
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    It may take a little practice, but it is very true to happen. I've done it before many times using this method, and I think it is the most helpful. Good luck and have fun!


  • Never get super excited while doing ANY OF THESE THINGS.
  • Relax. It will help you a lot while trying to go to the dream world.
  • If you happen to wake up in your dream, at a really awesome part, don't worry. You will be able to fall asleep again, or continue your dream the next night.


  • Sometimes, when you get into your dreams, it will change the whole scenario into you feeling like and looking like you just woke up from your bed. This is called a false awakening, and it has happened to me before. It feels so realistic, that when I woke up, I didn't believe I was awake. So be careful about that, and don't get discouraged. If this happens, do a reality check, or try to read something. If you try the reality check, the things will change when you look back at them. If you try to read something, it will be crystal clear for 5 seconds, then super blurry right after that.

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