How to Love Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks. They can appear on your stomach, thighs, arms, and other areas. It might be hard to love your own body with stretch marks, but here are a few steps into loving your body even with the stretch marks.


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    Know that you are not alone. There are many people who have stretch marks! Give yourself a boost of confidence, by looking through the internet with pictures of people with stretch marks. It's important for you to realize that you're not an outcast and you are completely normal.
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    Find positivity from the internet. This step might be quite puzzling to you. Social media has been depicted as an area where perfect body standards are set, and that if an individual doesn't fit in the standards they are bullied. This might be true, but if you look at the right things none of this will happen. Instagram, Tumblr, We heart it, Twitter, have several accounts that are dedicated to positivity body image. It also doesn't always have to be an account dedicated to body image. Some personal accounts, also have inspiring pictures, captions, and messages that help many to realize that their body is a work of art.
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    Understand your body. Your body is a blank canvas provided to you and every little scar, dimple, stretch mark, and freckle is a piece of art. You need to understand your body. Start off by finding how your stretch marks came to be. Many women get stretch marks after pregnancy; it's important to realize that those stretch marks are a gift and a little memory of your pregnancy journey. If weight gain is the reason for the appearance of stretch marks, then that's fine too! Gaining weight is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone experiences weight gain at some period in their life. You need to realize that even if gain weight, you're still gorgeous.
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    Do what makes you happy. Although this website is here for you to come find out how to do things, there is really no true list-by-list way to love your stretch marks. You need to do what makes you happy. All the individual lines that cross your body, that eventually group up to stretch marks are telling a story. You're almost like a walking piece of art. If you truly find yourself in a situation where loving your stretch marks is too hard and you would like to get rid of them, do it. Yes, stretch marks are beautiful. But if you want to change your body to make you feel more confident, go for it!

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