How to Love Your Family

Sometimes, your family might be a little obnoxious. However, no matter what they say, they really do love you. The problem can sometimes be loving them back. Read this article to understand how to love your family again!


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    Ignore negative comments and focus on the compliments your family gives you. If someone in your family insults you, know they are just giving you a hard time and recognize that they don't mean to hurt you. Also, when they compliment you, take it to heart. They are your family and they are the toughest on you.
    • Remember that no matter what your family says they always have your best interests in mind.
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    If your family is teasing you a lot, talk to them about it. If you explain how your feelings are being hurt, they may stop. After that, it will easier to love them.
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    Make some family time. You may feel you don't love your family because you haven't been talking to them much. Carve some time out in your schedule for family board games, movies, etc. Also, find some time to talk one-on-one with members of your family.
    • Try not to get mad if your parents say they are too busy. Understand that they too have work to do and know they will try to make it up to you later.
    • Sometimes creating something (such as a new recipe) can be fun and helps you get to know your family better.
    • Make sure to pick an activity that isn't to strenuous so you can still talk and enjoy your time together.
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    Remember all the good times you've had with your family. Maybe you aren't on good terms right now, but when you were younger, you were probably really close. Try looking through photo albums and seeing all the good times you've had. Notice how many pictures of you are there. There will probably be a lot. Your family takes pictures of you because they're proud of you.
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    Write down a list of what you love and don't love about your family. Recognize that everyone has flaws. Count how many good and bad items you have on the list. If you have at least five more bad items on the lists, try addressing some them with your family.
    • If your parents get upset, realize that this is normal. It may hurt them to know that you are not happy and they will blame themselves. This would make them appear to be upset or angry.

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