How to Love Your Country

Three Methods:Displaying Your PatriotismInvesting Yourself in Your CountryEducating Yourself about Your Country

It's always good to love your country. After all, it's where you live. Being emotional, and having a great passion or love for your country is not only encouraged, it’s often a source of inspiration that drives towards success or great accomplishment. Educate yourself and proudly display the love you have for your country with just a few simple steps.

Method 1
Displaying Your Patriotism

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    Wear patriotic colors, flags, historic figures, or images. Nothing shows you love your country more than showing it through clothing or accessories! Each country has their own identifying image that defines who they are, and how they are perceived internationally.
    • Some national colors are indeterminable from one another. A unique flag shape like Nepal’s flag, however, is undoubtedly unique. Two pennants on top of one another, with a sun and moon inside, is different from all other rectangular and square flags.[1]
    • The bear has been associated with Russia since the late 1500s. It represents a variety of things, like guardian status. A fierce bear on a red shirt, perhaps superimposed on top of a hammer and sickle, is unmistakably Russian.[2]
    • There are a wide variety of flags with red, white, and blue, and those with stars, but there are none other than the United States flag, with that grouping of colors and prominent 50 stars.[3] An article of U.S. flag apparel is very recognizable.
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    Fly your country's flag. You can purchase flags, bumper stickers, or any other emblems at a local store. Hang them on your car, your front lawn, or anywhere that can outwardly show you respect your country. Remember to treat the flag with the utmost respect.
    • Learn the flag etiquette. Generally, a flag should not touch the ground, be used in severe disrepair, or disposed of improperly.[4]
    • Fold the flag properly when it’s being stored. There is a precise way to fold each flag, and researching your specific flag should provide you with specific instructions on the proper folding techniques.[5]
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    Attend a national pride parade. Many countries have parades displaying the pride they have for their country, or country of origin. It could be on the day of independence, or some other historic date, but the important part is to celebrate with your countrymen.[6]
    • Participate by getting up and dancing to traditional music.
    • Cheer on the participants who are beaming with national pride.
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    Celebrate holidays. What happened in your country on this day in history? Did they win a war? Did they gain independence? Recognize that holidays are much more than just occasions for parties or, in some countries, sales at department stores. Acknowledge the solemnity inherent to certain holidays, especially those that commemorate a victory that involved bloodshed.

Method 2
Investing Yourself in Your Country

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    Be an active citizen. Actively demonstrate your love for your country by being part of its political process. Continually strive for a better country for all! There are a variety of ways to contribute your time, effort, and knowledge to the politics of your country.
    • Volunteer at a voting or polling area. Take part in the voting process by helping others who may not be as versed in politics, or who may not understand specific ballot measures upon which they are voting.
    • Be part of a phone bank. Call several people with the script provided by your political party, or member running for office. You’ll appreciate it when you reach someone who shares your appreciation for the political process.[7]
    • Raise funds for your candidate’s campaign. Whether it’s asking for large donations from big contributors, or hosting a fund-raising event, running for office takes a significant amount of money.[8]
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    Encourage children to love their country. Grow their national pride so they will have respect someday as a citizen. This is the best way to set a positive example. As children grow older, explain to them why you feel they should hold their country in high regard.
    • Remember that blind patriotism can be dangerous. Encourage your children to use their minds.
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    Find a hero. Look for a person who is a good role model and embodies the values your country holds dear. Find one who will make you proud to be where you call home. Seek out a hero who was instrumental in your country’s history and development.
    • Medal of Honor winners are perfect role model. Whether it’s the Victoria Cross of U.K. and Commonwealth countries, the Congressional Medal of Honor from the U.S., or the Order of Taegeuk Military Merit from South Korea, someone who is awarded the highest military honor has most likely sacrificed much for their country.[9]
    • Great leaders responsible for sweeping reforms are great role models. One such ruler, King Chulalongkorn of Siam, became the king and immediately attempted visionary reforms such as ending slavery, remodeling the judicial and financial systems, avoiding colonialism, and setting up the structure for current-day Thai citizenship.[10]
    • Athletes are sometimes great national heroes. For instance, during the buildup for WWII, Adolf Hitler planned to use the Olympics as a display of Aryan dominance. U.S. track star Jesse Owens ruined those plans by capturing four gold medals in as many events.[11]
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    Join the military. Nothing speaks more to the commitment for one’s nation than joining the military. It is the ultimate act of willingness to sacrifice life for the liberty of countrymen. It is so important that, in some countries, like South Korea, the mandatory conscription may even lead to pro-military voting habits as an adult.[12]

Method 3
Educating Yourself about Your Country

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    Study the history of your country. Learn about the foundation of your country, the key moments leading to its creation, and its reputation since the time it became a nation. Embrace the positive changes your country has made since historical errors of the past.
    • Read about where your country stood during various wars near and afar. Who were their allies and nemeses? Did they always align with the righteous side of history, or have they historically been considered the villain in large confrontations?[13]
    • Research the politics of your nation. Was it always in its current form? Or did a great war or uprising change the system from something like a monarchy to a republic?[14]
    • Look up the great milestones during your country’s history. Check the timeline from inception until today, analyzing and interpreting the major events.[15]
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    Research and memorize the National Anthem. Showing your patriotism through the National Anthem is important because most contain words that vividly describe a historical event in the country’s past. Additionally, many National Anthems have gone through several amendments, which modify the potential meaning of an ever-changing nation, and may not have been adopted as the National Anthem initially.
    • The Canadian National Anthem was written in Quebec city by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier and was initially titled “Chant national.” It represents the combined feelings, particularly after WWI, of a united French and English-speaking Canada.[16]
    • During the French Revolution, a French Army captain named Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle composed “La Marseillaise” – named so because troops from Marseilles sang it when approaching Paris – as an act of defiance against the combined invading forces of Austria and Prussia. It’s meant as a rallying cry for citizens fighting for their rights and liberty.[17]
    • Written by Francis Scott Key in September of 1812, the U.S. National Anthem – also known as The Star-Spangled Banner – started as a poem celebrating the perseverance of U.S. Fort McHenry during British attack. The lyrics were written on a British ship the morning after a pre-battle, prisoner release negotiating. That following morning he was let off the ship and the lyrics are his recollection Fort McHenry’s triumph.[18]
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    Read patriotic legends of your country. Most legends and tall-tales possess at least a shred of reality. The creativity and imagination required to concoct some of the stories is amazing. A few of the following tales perfectly illustrate how one could be proud of their nation's creative past.
    • The Chinese held the secret to silk production for over 3000 years. It was said they held the secret to their lucrative export so dearly that anyone revealing the production secrets was sentenced to death.[19]
    • One Egyptian legend says King Surid had a dream where the flat earth flipped upside down, and because of that, he inserted riches inside the pyramids and sealed them.[20] Since some of the pyramids are yet undiscovered, this may yet be true.
    • The American Indian legends related to “Devil’s Tower” say a great god pushed rock and earth upward and upward to save young boys from a great bear, one who scratched and clawed to get them.[21] Given that “Devil’s Tower” was formed by a geological process called intrusion, the legend is actually somewhat correct.
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    Focus on current events. Learn about what your country is currently doing that brings great honor upon your nation. See if they are the leader in a specific industry, export, or sport. Examine how much they help others in need, or align with organizations attempting to make the world a better place.
    • On May 23, 2016, India became just the third nation in the world to launch a space shuttle, potentially cutting other nations' costs by ten-fold.[22]
    • The Syrian refugee crisis of 2016 has affected numerous countries. The experience has been debated far and wide, but learning about why your country has or hasn’t helped is a potentially debatable moral issue of our time.[23]


  • Don't be prejudiced or biased. Every country, religion, or racial group has its own beliefs. Like them, you have your own beliefs, so respect them for theirs.
  • You certainly do not have to agree with every event and decision made in your country's history to love your country. Consider how the country recovered from mistakes, as well as its ideology as described in some guiding document (such as a constitution). Although such principles are not absolute, reflect on whether these precepts are conducive to a government you think would act with its citizens -- and humanity's -- best interests at heart.
  • Abusing your country or taking advantage of any of its systems or programs is not a good way to show your love. Such corrupt action goes against the goodwill that should be at the core of patriotism.


  • Don't succumb to blind patriotism or jingoism.

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