How to Love Shyness

Many people are shy, and its generally considered a trait that should be 'fixed' or 'gotten-over'. However, if shyness is part of you and you don't really want to change, you'll need to learn how to love your shy side. Read some tips to help you feel at peace with yourself after the jump.


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    Accept yourself for being shy. To tell you the truth, that's just the way you are and there's nothing that anybody can say to make you into who you're not.
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    Use it to your advantage. When there's someone that you might like, branch out a little and try flirting a little bit. The way that you act, since you're shy, usually makes an impression on him or her. It makes you seem mysterious and leaves them wanting more. Plus, sometimes, people think that being shy is cute, too. So you never know. And guys or girls will usually go for you because you're someone that will listen to their problems, instead of being stuck up and self centered.
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    Understand that being shy can be good, also. Because, for example, if you keep to yourself, the teacher will most likely call on you to answer questions. Or, in sports, since you're shy, it's usually good because people don't know what your skills are towards that sport and might think of you as their secret weapon (which is especially needed).
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    Realize the advantages shy people have. Shy people can usually get off the hook for things easier. Since you kind of don't have a reputation of doing things like that, and not back talking the teacher too much, then they'll let you down easy because you're a "good student." Score one for the shy people.


  • If you feel like your shyness is taking over your life and is extreme, you should seek professional help. Learn more about Social Anxiety Disorder to learn more and see if you have it.

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