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Have you found yourself falling for someone who's involved in a gang, or emulates the gangster lifestyle? Every person is different, and many stereotypes don't hold true once you get into a personal relationship with someone. However, this is a generalized article on how to "Love a Gangster," with some tips that might help as you navigate the sometimes complicated relationship.


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    Listen to him or her when they talk. Most gangsters will want respect. If you love your gangster enough you will understand this basic need of theirs...and listen to them when they talk. Gangsters secretly want to find that person they can speak their mind to.
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    Forgive them if they get arrested sometimes. Gangsters do not want to be arrested although it happens sometimes. Maybe they did something bad, or they were with a friend who did something bad or they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. True gangsters usually deal with the prison life at certain times in their life. If you love your gangster you have to forgive them because this is their basic lifestyle of crime, illegal deeds, or supporting that life.
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    Don't let them stash stuff in your house or do favors for them that can get you in trouble with the law. Most gangsters need a "stable" base to return to. If they truly love you they will either want you to do good in life, or they will start asking you to do things that they do themselves. Gangsters don't want to feel alone in the world. It is up to you to be strong and teach them that you are living the right way or you do what they ask...but you risk getting in trouble in the long run.
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    Be ready to hang out with people you may not like. Just accept their friends for who they are and don't ask a lot of questions about what they do. Most of them if they are true gangsters will be secretive and hate it when others pry. Instead focus on the fun times and drink and do what they want to do...(and if you are uncomfortable with them then maybe you should not date or love a gangster....because this is the lifestyle they chose and their friends are part of it).
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    Try to have fun with your gangster. They will look to you to have a good sense of humor and bring some sunshine to their life.
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    Try to wear cool clothes and designer styles to impress your mate. Most gangsters want the good life. Wearing fashionable clothes and designer clothes are a big part of the lifestyle. Things like necklaces, fashionable jeans and expensive sneakers are apart of the gangster look. Most of the time they want a mate that is "gangster" appropriate to show around.
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    Never ever cheat on your gangster! It is unforgivable and no matter what you do for them they will not forgive you for cheating. Gangsters need to be the only one in a love relationship.
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    Get into the music your gangster loves. This is a big one. Most gangsters will love specific bands or groups for good reasons. Many gangsters listen to music because they admire the artists who sing about their lifestyle or because they aspire to live that lifestyle that the artists are singing or rapping about. Either way a gangster and their music are inseparable!
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    Don't blame yourself if the gangster breaks it off. Most gangsters are searching in the world for love and respect. The sad fact is that many of them don't believe that their partners are faithful or that they are really loved by anyone. Gangsters have deep emotional issues that they cannot safely express and this can make them feel alone and depressed sometimes. When they break it off, even if you haven't done anything wrong, it may be because they don't want to admit their deep fear of commitment or of truly loving and needing someone. This usually heals itself in time after the gangster becomes mature....but that can take years sometimes.


  • Do not get involved or fall in love with gangsters who are known to everyone in their circle as "players". Most of them will say they love you, but cheat on you, lie to you and break it off when they find someone who "interests" them which is often.
  • Don't get involved with a gangster who has two or more children...and no ex husband or ex wife in the picture. You don't want to find out they had six children with six different lovers whom they never married. Do you really want to be number seven?
  • Loving gangsters who are "fake" is a fallacy to avoid as well. If they don't defend you in public or they suddenly ask if you would like to date their friends then drop them. Also don't hold drugs for them or do things that you will get in trouble for...drop them immediately.
  • Pay attention to how often they get into fights, or have "beef" with everyone. If they are hated by their family, their friends, rival gangs and even people who just pass by them in the have to think....when you are with them how safe are you? You don't want to be shot at or killed because this gangster betrayed everyone he or she knows. Eventually someone is going to come after them (especially if they owe money) and you don't want to be there when that happens.
  • Notice how their friends treat you. If he or she speaks highly of you they will treat you well. If you meet their family that is even better. If the family asks you to come over a lot you are accepted as their mate and should be happy. If this never happens, beware.


  • Do not do things with them that will possibly ruin your life and for things which you can get arrested for. Some gangsters look for others to pin things on when their lifestyle falls apart. If you are there...guess who is going to hold the bag and go to jail....You.

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