How to Lounge

Lounging is "to move or act in a lazy, relaxed way." To be an effective lounger, you must master the art of lazy and relaxed.


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    Go to a lounge. This can be any type of lounge, but we'll use a toga lounge in our examples.
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    Initiate relaxation by eating something. Try some finger food, like crackers, string cheese, mixed nuts, or something similar. Try to avoid overly caffeinated or sugary foods, because those will hype you up rather than relax you.
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    Listen to jazz. Jazz is sometimes the ultimate lounging music. If it puts you to sleep, you're the ultimate lounger!
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    When you sit down, lay down as much as possible, and take up a lot of room. The experienced lounger knows that lounging standing up is not any kind of lounge at all.
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    Drink in moderation. Alcohol helps one relax, but also lowers social inhibitions (see Warnings).
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    Read. Lose yourself in a good novel that is not too exciting.
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    Go to a beach. If you live fairly close to a beach, when the season allows it, this is an ultimate lounging destination.
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    Go to a park. Getting away from urban living for a while is helpful to put one in a lounging mood.
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    Get a massage. A full-body massage will help you physically prepare for lounging.


  • Dance away the stress before lounging.
  • Lounge with a good friend, one you don't feel pressured to entertain or engage in conversation with at all times.
  • Wear a toga, they're comfortable.


  • Drinking alcohol regularly is habit-forming, and dangerous.

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