How to Lose Your Religion

Religion is often defined as "man's attempt to reach God," and as such is a primary conduit of knowledge and probably an unavoidable stage of man's development. But God does not want it to be this way, and a reading of the Bible reveals repeated chastisement of religious hierarchy, and the legalism of religion in general. This article shouldn't be construed as a condemnation of any religion, so much as one of your becoming religious.

Jesus was especially adamant against the pomp and privilege of the powers that be, and came to bring "The kingdom of Heaven beside you," to defeat them.
Although we, in our way, immediately made this into another religion, see that it is a Government (Isaiah 9:6)

It is easy to say a few words, maybe in a church, and then participate in a religion out of a desire to be closer to God; and this is an admirable first step. But when your religion fails you, as it surely should, see it as a doorway, right beside you, rather than a wall, and understand that a more spiritual path is for you to define (Phil 2:12).

See that many self-proclaimed 'atheists' may just be people who have heard the difference in the talk and the walk of most "Christians," and prefer the claim to empty rhetoric; and may participate in the Kingdom (Matt 21:28, 25:37). It doesn't matter what you say in this context; it matters what you do.

While association with a group of like~minded people is considered essential, there is a valley that you walk alone.


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    Consider a church you may be currently attending. If it is a Christian church, read that, and understand the mis-perceptions you may have been laboring under. You can lose your religion right where you are, or explore the many churches that have sprung up in answer to organized religion.

    The Protestant movement was defined in just this way, and all we are really discussing is a continuation of this spirit, which could conceivably even be found in a Catholic church, or a Jewish synagogue.

    Meaningful rituals have their place for many, and must be considered religion, but we are really talking about the essence of the place; is it an incubator, where you go to reconnect, branch off, and fruit from? Or a once weekly chore that is endured for a couple hours, no life in it for you? Is this a result of your attitude, or theirs? Or neither one; just a question of fit?

    See also that both descriptions can apply to individuals in the same congregation, and that losing your religion is a personal journey, one which can be more jarring than 'finding' it, surely, but one in which the payoff makes it worth the effort.
    God is not a religious Being.
    • Really assess where you are going to connect with like-minded people spiritually. If you aren't in any group, you are denying yourself. If your current congregation is not a sanctuary for you, decide whether you may be a better fit somewhere else.
      It doesn't have to be a church, but it could be.

      These are going to be people that spiritually feed you; but a pointed conversation to this effect may not necessarily ever even occur. It will also serve you to understand that you can be spiritually fed by someone, and not necessarily agree with every single word they say.

      See that Christ has many Names, and "...wherever two or three are gathered in my Name" has a spiritual meaning that a literal interpretation can deny.
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    See that God has many Names. One of the biggest problems with religion is that it seeks to define God, and then defend that image. Religions arise to divide, and divide again, due to their differences; seek where you agree. The Bible is chock~full of anti-religion at offense to just such walls.Practically speaking , this step will manifest for you when you are able to see God outside your particular religion, in people that probably would not agree with or understand your literal conception of Him. Resulting in condemnation, possibly, from the upper echelons of your 'church' when you mention it (kudos for that, by the way), but oh well.
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    Let go of the framework. This is often how losing one's religion has been described, at least coming from the Baptist religion. Catholics tend to report continued identification with meaningful rituals, and less chance of actually changing congregations, suggesting a different experience.
    A very small sampling of Jews who have lost their religion have indicated that this is possibly toughest for them, for the obvious reason that their religion is so bound up in their heritage; however, or because of this, they seem to be some of the most committed, spiritually.

    "Luther says, drawing on ancient tradition, that there are three articles of faith: 1)Creation; 2)Redemption; 3)Sanctification. Yet if we skip over creation--which Protestant and Catholic theology has been doing for four centuries--then is not redemption distorted? And sanctification as well?"
    Matthew Fox, Original Blessing
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    Recognize that God is not looking for people to zap. It's common for an organized religion to keep its members in thrall with dire procedural warnings or proclamations about being the only "right" way. Christians commonly misinterpret "the only way is through Christ" to mean "our version of Christ." Proclaiming "Jesus is my Savior" to everyone you meet will not get you into Heaven. See that "No one comes to the Father, except through Me," should be interpreted spiritually.
    • Understand that God uses imperfect people to accomplish His will, and that as long as you are earnestly seeking Him, your discernment will serve you just fine. You do not still need some earthly mediator (as in B.C.) between you and God; practices and decisions about spiritual affairs that may make you uncomfortable (for instance) may be opportunities for you to enter the light, letting the chips fall where they may.

      Trust that God delights in your unique way of producing fruit.
      "Creation is continuous, and never stops." Matthew Fox
      (understand I AM)

      Now is All
      You Will
      Ever Have.

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