How to Lose Weight from Your Cheeks

Three Methods:Adjust Your DietDo Facial ExercisesOther Strategies for Losing Weight from Your Cheeks

Are you tired of having chubby cheeks? Though the easiest way to lose weight from your cheeks is to lose weight overall, you can also lose the weight from your cheeks by completing a series of facial exercises and changing your diet. If you want to know how to lose weight from your cheeks, just follow these steps.

Method 1
Adjust Your Diet

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    Drink lots of water. You may be suffering from chubby cheeks because your body is retaining too much water because you're not drinking enough of it. When your body worries that you're not drinking enough water, it stores excess water in your cheeks and eyes, making your face look puffy. Drinking at least nine 8-ounce glasses of water a day will keep your body from being dehydrated and will make your cheeks look less chubby.[1]
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    Take it easy on the salt and sugar. If you include too much salt and refined sugar in your diet, then your body is more likely to retain water. Just like not drinking enough water, this will keep your face and cheeks looking puffy from all of that retained water. Though you can't give up on salt and sugar completely, try cutting salty or sugary foods out of your diet and eating foods that are low in salt or sugar.[2]
    • Instead of salty meats, go for lean meats.
    • If you're craving sweets, enjoy the natural sweetness of ripe fruit instead of the sugar in a cookie or cupcake.
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    Avoid alcohol. Avoiding alcohol can have a number of health benefits in addition to helping you lose weight from your cheeks, such as raising your energy levels and lowering soreness and helping avoid headaches. Drinking alcohol can make you dehydrated, which can lead to water retention and facial puffiness. It can also make you gain weight all over your body, which will make you gain weight in your cheeks.[3]
    • Drinking alcohol makes you take in many empty, sugar-filled calories. Replace the alcoholic beverages you drink with natural fruit smoothies or herbal teas.
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    Eat more fruits and vegetables. Not only will adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet help you maintain more healthy eating habits, but it will also help you lose weight from your cheeks. Fruits and vegetables are full of water, which means that they will help you hydrate and will keep you from retaining water in your cheeks. They're also high in fiber, so they will make you feel full and less likely to crave unhealthy snacks.[4]
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    Eat more calcium-rich foods. Consuming more calcium from dairy sources such as cheese or yogurt can actually help you lose weight. Eating more calcium can also help you retain less water in your face, so you won't have those puffy cheeks. Instead of eating a carb-heavy meal like buttery pasta or pizza, reach for a low-fat cottage cheese .

Method 2
Do Facial Exercises

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    Chew gum. Not only can chewing gum calm your nerves and freshen your breath, but it can also help you lose weight from your cheeks. The repetitive chewing motion will help strengthen your jaw. The best part is, you won't even feel like you're doing an exercise. You can set a goal of chewing gum for just a few minutes after every meal.
    • Just make sure not to chew gum so much that it starts hurting your jaw.
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    Do the "X-O" exercise. Profoundly pronounce "X-O" at least fifteen times. Take a break and repeat the exercise three times. This is an easy maneuver that will help you move your jaw in two different ways, which will strengthen your jaw and burn fat from your cheeks. You can do this exercise any time -- even when you're at your desk at work.
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    Do the jaw opener. Open your mouth round and wide and hold this pose for a few seconds. Then, relax your jaw and repeat this motion nine more times, for a series of ten repetitions. You can repeat this move three times a day. If you do too many of these exercises at once, your jaw may get sore.
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    Do the cheek lift. Lift up your cheeks toward your eyes as high as you can. Use the corners of your mouth to help lift your cheeks. You should feel like you're trying to form a strained, awkward smile. You can even shut your eyes tightly to help lift your cheeks.
    • Hold each cheek lift for ten seconds and repeat this exercise several times.
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    Make "fish lips." Draw in your cheeks until you're making fish lips by puckering out your top and bottom lip. Hold this position as you try to smile. Hold the smile for ten seconds and repeat the position for ten counts.[5]
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    Make puffy cheeks. Close your mouth and fill your cheeks and mouth with air. Then, move the air from one cheek to the other as slowly as you can. Move the air from one cheek to the other at least ten times, and take the time to fill your cheeks with air again if necessary. Repeat this exercise three times daily.[6]
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    Make puffy cheeks with pursed lips. To do this exercise, just purse your lips and suck in your cheeks. Hold this pose for a few seconds and then puff out your cheeks as far as they will go. Hold the puffy cheeks for a few seconds and then puff them back in. Repeat this exercise ten times per series and three times daily.[7]
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    Smile. Smiling also exercises your facial muscles and will make you lose those chubby cheeks. You can just smile on your own, holding each smile for ten seconds and repeating this action ten times, or you can make a goal of smiling more in your daily life. Not only will this make you lose weight from your cheeks, but it can help you feel more positive throughout the day.[8]
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    Massage your cheeks after exercising. After completing a series of facial exercises, gently rub your fingers over your cheeks and jaw in a circular motion. This will help relieve tension and soreness after exercising.

Method 3
Other Strategies for Losing Weight from Your Cheeks

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    Lose weight. The easiest way to lose weight from your cheeks is to lose weight overall. If you slim down, you will slim down on your face too. Many people start to see facial weight loss after trimming down just a few pounds. If you commit to losing weight, you have to improve your diet and consider starting a new exercise routine.
    • Work on eating three healthy and balanced meals every day. Eat several servings of fruits and vegetables each day, as well as healthy carbs and proteins.
    • Develop a healthy exercise routine. Working out for just thirty minutes a day can have a dramatic impact on your mental and physical state.
    • For serious results, you can cut 250 calories out of your diet and burn 250 calories a day.
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    Do strength training. Go to the gym and use machine weights, dumbbells, or even your own body weight to keep up your body's lean muscle tissue. Doing strength training will help you preserve muscle all over your body, including your face. And the more muscle you have, the more easily you'll burn fat.
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    Talk to your doctor about your prescription medications. Some medications can cause you to retain more water. If you're serious about losing weight from your cheeks, talk to your doctor about switching to a prescription that won't make your face puffy. Just make sure that you're not sacrificing any necessary medications for your looks.[9]


  • For a temporary solution, you can apply blush to your cheeks to make them look thinner.
  • Sometimes when you chew too much chewing-gum your gums start hurting. In that case, you must absolutely stop. Or else, after it will really hurt a lot and you may have to pay a visit to the dentist... This points to a TMJ problem which you should rule out first.
  • Usually prominent cheekbones are a genetic trait so if you are at a healthy weight, don't lose too much weight because it's not worth being unhealthy for prominent cheekbones.
  • Don't consume too much calories or carbs.
  • While you need to figure out what your Base Metabolic Rate, BMI for your height, weight, and age you should always always always supplement a calorie deficit for exorcise when you can. There is no specific way to target weight loss in one area of the body as the body draws on the fat to burn when there is a caloric deficit but this will not happen over night; it will take several weeks to months (not eating is not the way to go as this will only cause fluid retention and that will affect your face and you'll take on a puffy yet gaunt appearance meaning you'll still have the problem).
  • A surefire way to make your cheeks less puffy is to get botox injections to your master muscle. What this does is decrees the volume of the cheeks by paralyzing the muscle normally this will cause the muscle to decrease in size; this is a semi-long-term fix as it last for up to a year or more but in that time if you've followed the other steps and you've lost weight in a way that is healthy you should have the slim face you wanted.

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