How to Lose Fat With Weights

In the world of fitness, it is common knowledge that losing fat with weights is not only effective, but simple. Lifting weights burns calories, although not as much as aerobic activity such as running, bicycling or swimming. When you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. Additionally, the extra muscle tissue you build through lifting will burn more calories than your body's fat tissue, even when you're resting. Weight training should be combined with a healthy eating habits, daily activities and aerobic exercise as part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.


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    Warm up by walking for 3-4 minutes. You can use a treadmill to accomplish this.
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    Do strength training using your own body weight before or after aerobic exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups or squats.
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    Incorporate hand held weights into daily activities and exercises, such as walking or running.
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    Substitute some aerobic sessions with weight training sessions. For instance, instead of 4 days of running a week, run for 3 days and lift weight for 1. You can also cut the time you do aerobic activity on a given day and replace it with strength training.
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    Drink water after every 10 minutes. It gives stamina and increases fluidity in your body. Also, it helps in engaging other exercise and burning fat.
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    Circuit training - moving quickly from one strength training exercise to the next - can keep your heart rate up and help you burn more calories while strength training.
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    Research the different types of exercises by looking in your favorite fitness magazine or by using your favorite search engine online. Many fitness experts also have recommendations on their online sites. Many exercises do not require weights, but use only the weight of your own body.


    • Big Misconception: You can't lose fat around just a specific area through strength training. For instance, doing squats to build leg muscles will not by itself reduce fat around your legs. Additionally, doing situps or crunches will not target belly fat. However, building muscle will make those areas look better by reducing the surface area over which the fat is spread.
    • Big Misconception: Women are especially concerned with the idea of losing fat with weights because of the misconception that they will end up looking like a male body builder. It takes years of intense weight training to look like that. Weight training is great for both sexes and can contribute to a fit, healthy look.


  • As always, talk to your health care provider or fitness expert before beginning any fitness routine to ensure that you are performing the best exercises for your weight loss goal in a safe and healthy manner.

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