How to Look Wonderful While Being Plus Sized

Three Methods:Tailoring Your ClosetCompleting Your LookBeing Healthy

With constant media hype over the beauty of thin women, the merits of luscious curves are often overlooked. Never let being plus-sized feel like a burden. Instead, flaunt your vivacious beauty with confidence.

Method 1
Tailoring Your Closet

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    Start your outfit by laying a solid foundation of proper-fitting undergarments.
    • Well fitting bras and panties are a must to avoid awkward lumps and bumps under clothing. Take the time to get measured at a specialty store to get under garments tailored to your shape.
    • Try shape-wear for under skirts, dresses, and blouses to smooth your stomach and thighs. Many offer variations of camisoles and shorts to fit your needs.
    • Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself with a pretty lacy bra or pair of panties. Feel confident about what you have on underneath it all.
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    To create variation with simplicity, keep a stock of basic wardrobe essentials on hand.
    • Outfit yourself with at least one pair of good fitting jeans, simple t-shirts, button-up blouses, a pretty skirt, and a few plain cardigans.
    • Solid colors and low-maintenance patterns are good to have in any style of clothing, and are flattering to all wearers.
    • Layering creates interest and is easy to do. Top off any outfit with a simple sweater or jacket for added depth.
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    Don’t be afraid of color in your closet.
    • Black is the most slimming of shades, but don’t rely on it too much. Find clothing in colors you prefer, no matter the hue.
    • Often time’s plus-sized women are warned of the woes of wearing white; ignore that! White can be flattering to any size woman when worn in a flattering style.
    • Don’t hide under dull colors. Just because a color may be dark or smoggy doesn’t mean it makes you look smaller; contrariwise, bright colors don’t necessarily make you stand out or appear larger.
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    Clothing should mirror your shape; avoid anything too tight or too loose.
    • Shapeless clothing is exactly that – shapeless. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing to try to hide your body. The baggy layers will end up making you appear larger.
    • Your clothes should fit your body, but not cling. Anything too tight will accentuate any unflattering bumps you may have.
    • Search for clothing with ruching and wrapping-patterns. These will fashionably cover up any problem areas you may be concerned about.
    • Tailors are an oft-forgotten but incredibly handy tool. Don’t be afraid to take an article of clothing you love and get it altered to better fit your shape.
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    Plus-sized clothing doesn’t always mean a plus-sized price tag. Try looking in Torid, Modcloth, Nordstroms, Target, and Forever21 for styles that fit any age group, size, and budget.

Method 2
Completing Your Look

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    Improve any outfit with the addition of suitable accessories.
    • Find pretty jewelry to match your style. Avoid pieces that are too small or dainty; they give the appearance of being out of proportion.
    • Shoes are something you can fit into at a traditional department store. Look for comfortable pairs that offer a pop of color or pattern to enhance your outfits.
    • Try something new; a belt around the waist highlights an hourglass figure, while a scarf or headband will frame your face.
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    Styling your hair is a great way to flatter your form.
    • Keep your locks tamed and styled to add sophistication to your look.
    • Long hair is flattering no matter your size. If you want to elongate your body, try growing your strands to a length a bit longer than your shoulders.
    • To show off your upper body, cut your hair in a bob or pixie. These will frame your face and allow for viewing your collar bones, shoulders, and chest.
    • Layers are always a good option for keeping hair from falling flat. Limp hair will make you seem larger than you are. To avoid this, cut your hair at several different lengths to add volume.
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    Keep your face looking its finest, as it is the focus of your body.
    • Maintain the health of your skin by washing your face twice-daily and moisturizing regularly
    • A light coat of makeup is appropriate for a day-time look. Sweep on a little concealer, blush, mascara, and lip balm for a pretty natural look.
    • To enhance your makeup routine for a special event, try a vintage-inspired cat eye, a bit of red or berry lipstick, or a new glamorous hue of eyeshadow.
    • Keep a balance; don’t wear heavy eyeshadow and bold lip rouge. Instead, focus on either your eyes or your lips.

Method 3
Being Healthy

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    Stay active to keep your body in tip-top condition
    • Exercise is one of three natural means of releasing endorphins in your body. Those happy-hormones are what cause feelings of satisfaction after getting outdoors and getting your body moving.
    • Don’t work-out with the intent of losing weight. Instead, focus on activities that you enjoy doing.
    • Try new activities to keep yourself in shape. Horseback riding, swimming, skiing, and rowing are all fun and interesting ways to get your muscles in motion.
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    Eat well, to feel fulfilled and satisfied.
    • Similar to exercising, don’t eat with the intention of losing weight. Diets are a sure-fire means of making yourself feel bitter about your appearance, and make you gain weight in the long-run.
    • Take the time to cook good meals. There are tons of easy-to-follow recipes out there that are healthful as well.
    • Don’t cut foods out from your diet, instead consume them in moderation.
    • Spoil yourself every once in a while!
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    Take care of you mental health; it is equally as important as your physical condition.
    • Do things that make you happy, even if they seem unimportant. Sing, make art, go for walks; find all those little things that make your day enjoyable and do them.
    • Avoid people and places that cause bitterness or negativity
    • Compliment yourself consistently. Negative self-talk is a major source of anxiety and bitterness towards your body. Make a list of your assets, and focus on those on a daily basis.

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