How to Look Stylish While Being Overweight

Three Parts:Pick the style that best fits youUsing MakeupHaving Confidence

Whether you weigh 50 pounds or 500, you can always look amazing. Style is an important thing to have, but some people don't know where to go when they're on the heavy side. Style is a skill that you can learn, including how to adapt both clothing and accessories to your own needs.

Part 1
Pick the style that best fits you

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    Go to the closest shopping mall with a few friends and try on all the clothes you want. Don't be afraid to test out different styles, patterns, and colors. Even when something looks ugly on the rack, you may be surprised what it looks like when you try it on, as it may be flattering and a lot more tasteful when worn.
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    Don't focus on the price tag. You could try on a $2,000 dollar designer dress with a cute Cherokee pattern, and just as easily go to Target and try on a similar dress for $20. This isn't about the money, it's about finding your look.
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    Choose the style that you like. Everyone has their own style, so don't be insecure if you don't look the same as everyone else! Having your own style makes you original, and unless you want to be 100% mainstream, you shouldn't be afraid to be unique. If you're afraid that you are sticking out, check out what is trending on sites such as Wanelo or Pinterest.
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    Prefer clothes with a lot of patterns (stripes, dots, etc.). These can cause people to focus more on the pattern and not on your weight. A new in-style look is wearing chevron and Aztec print leggings with over-sized shirts and boots (Ugg-styled fluffy boots or knee-high brown leather boots) can be a simple stylish look, with not too much effort.

=== Staying in style: ===

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Styling Your Bottom Half

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    Choose such clothing as leggings, long skirts, and skinny jeans. Long skirts are really in style and can accentuate your curves and your butt. Skinny jeans can also help make you look a bit slimmer, while showing off your gorgeous body. Leggings shouldn't be worn without something longer, especially if they are a thinner material. But when worn with the perfect shirt or dress, they look flawless.
    • As for footwear: shoes, boots, vans, Converse, and heels all add a cute touch without making yourself too flashy. Vans and Converse can both be worn with practically anything, even if you're going for a fancy look. Boots (knee-highs and Uggs) can cover up some extra skin while still making you look fabulous. They practically go with any look, and look especially outstanding with leggings. Heels are the perfect choice for the fancier-side of clothing, and they really thin out your legs.

Styling Your Top Half

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    Wear non-cotton stretch material shapes. These smooth out your body while still adding a stylish touch.
    • Cardigans go with nearly anything, whether it's a solid colored undershirt or a regular t-shirt. When wearing shirts, never go sleeveless unless you wear a cardigan with it.
    • Crop tops are in style, but may not be the perfect fit for your body.
    • Dresses are a great choice, especially when sleeveless. You may have to search around for the style of dress you enjoy, but you won't regret the decision you make. If you're scared to show that extra skin, grab a cardigan or an overthrow to go with it. Or just simply buy a dress with sleeves!

Styling with Accessories

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    Choose accessories that add to the outfit.
    • A simple necklace is a great choice to wear with lower-cut shirts and dresses. Never let it fall into your cleavage, that can give people the wrong impression and there is no point of having a necklace you can't see.
    • Chokers are not really in either, so just get something in the middle. Peach and turquoise colors are particularly favored.
    • As for bracelets, don't put on too many. Fake pearls or five to six silver ring bracelets spice up the outfit a little bit, and even wearing a couple loom bracelets can add some color. However, never have them all the way up and down both of your arms, as that can create a bad impression.

Part 2
Using Makeup

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    Don't go too heavy, especially when it comes to your eyes. A little foundation, mascara, nude eyeshadow, and a nude lipstick can be a great natural look. If you want to style out, add some deeper colors to that eyeshadow/lipstick and put on a bit of eyeliner. You don't want to look caked, but you want to add a little shine into your features. Believe it or not, YouTube is a great place to explore different makeup tutorials according to your face, your size, the season, your emotion, and more. Just search up _____ Makeup Tutorial and the possibilities are endless!

Part 3
Having Confidence

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    Think positive. In the end, it doesn't matter what you look like, it just matters what you think. Take five minutes to look at yourself in the mirror, don't give criticisms, give compliments. You are perfect in any way shape and form, and whether or not you're in style doesn't determine your personality.
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    Get a boost from friends. If you're not feeling confident about your style, ask your friends' opinions and see what they think about your current style and what would be best. Don't be embarrassed about your clothes/look or your weight. Just wear what you feel best in and if someone doesn't like it, they can deal with it.


  • Don't feel bad if something doesn't look perfect when you first try it on, it may just not be your look.
  • Have a budget. You don't want to go overboard and end up spending too much money, so be sure you have a general idea on what you want to spend.
  • Check out stylish websites. Pinterest, Wanelo, YouTube tutorials, Tumblr, and even Instagram accounts can give you a good look at what's trending.

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