How to Look Skinny

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You may wish to achieve a slimmer appearance in order to help you get ahead or meet new people. This can be done in several ways, either through dressing in clothing that is best suited to your body or by getting healthier through diet and exercise. Read below to learn how to get a thinner and healthier look.

Method 1
Flatter Your Body

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    Dress for your body type. Be sure that you are wearing the best clothing for the shape of your body. Everyone is shaped differently. This is normal. To look your best, you should be sure to dress in a way that flatters your natural shape.[1] This will make you look naturally thinner. Whatever your shape, remember to wear clothing that fits. Oversize and baggy clothing will make you appear to be fuller figured, regardless of shape.
    • Circle: This is when you tend to gain weight around your stomach but not so much elsewhere. With a body type like this, it is best to accentuate the chest and limbs while hiding the stomach. Wear clothing that is loose-fitting around your stomach but tight-fitting elsewhere. An example of this would be be an empire waist shirt paired with skinny jeans.
    • Rectangle: This is when you have hips, waist, and shoulders that are roughly the same width. With this body type, you will want to create the impression of curves. This will make your waist seem smaller. Wear clothing that fits closely at your waist but flares at the bottom. An example outfit would include a fitted top with a belt and circle skirt.
    • Triangle: This body type is when you have broad shoulders but narrow hips. While this body type tends to look naturally slim, you may still wish to wear clothing which gives the appearance of hips. This will make your shoulders look narrower. Avoid shirts with puffed shoulders and wear skirts which flare or are full.
    • Hourglass: This body type includes a narrow waist but wide hips and large bust. With this body type, it is best to emphasize your waist and keep your upper and lower body proportional. Form-fitting tops with skinny jeans or a skirt look good on this body type and belts are key to emphasizing your small waist.
    • Pear: This is when you have a small waist and chest but large hips. With this body type, it is best to draw attention and add volume to the upper half of your body and de-emphasize the lower half. This will create a more balanced look which will draw focus to your small waist. An example outfit would include a jacket with a structured shoulder and pants with a straight leg and no pockets.

Method 2
Use Cosmetic Tricks

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    Use makeup. Makeup can be used to create the appearance of depth or emphasize the best features of your face. For example, it can be used to create shadows under your cheekbones (making a fuller face appear slimmer) or to brighten lips (drawing attention away from a round jaw). These methods require skill and practice but can be very effective.
    • Be sure not to overuse makeup, as this can give you a plastic or unnatural appearance. Use foundation and cover-up only sparingly. Choose colors that are more natural in appearance, as bright colors and too much color will look clownish. Also, be sure to use colors that complement your clothing, hair, and skin.
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    Get a tan. Get a tan to emphasize or create shadows and highlights on your body. This will make you look thinner and more fit.[2] Where the shadows and highlights on clothing are difficult to control (which is why wearing black helps hide problem areas), you can control the shadows and highlights on your skin easily with skillful use of tanning products.
    • Don’t go overboard. Be careful in how you apply self-tanner to avoid streaks and be sure not to use too much. You don’t want an unnatural or orange appearance. The goal is to create shadows and highlights, which means that being an overall dark color will not help.
    • You may want to go to a tanning salon if you are inexperienced with tanning. Putting on self-tanner can be difficult and knowing where to put shadows and highlights takes time to learn. See how a professional does it first before trying it yourself.

Method 3
Use Style Tactics

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    Accessorize. Accessories are important to creating a slimmer appearance. These pieces can reduce the appearance of extra weight or give you a longer appearance which will make you look proportionally thinner. Remember that a higher quality item will generally do a better job at this than a lower quality one.
    • Use shape wear. Shape wear, a popular brand being Spanx, will help distribute bulges while holding you in. This will make you look significantly slimmer. When purchasing, remember that they are meant to be tight fitting. These go best under dresses and skirts but they also can be worn under pants. They also come in a variety of shapes, in order to provide support where you need it for your particular body type.
    • Wear a well-fit bra. Many women wear bras that are incorrectly sized. If too small, this can create bulges which make you appear fuller figured. If wearing a bra that is too large, this will create a drooping chest which can lead your waist to appear wider. An appropriately fit bra will make you look slimmer and also be more comfortable. Stores such as Macy’s or Victoria’s Secret will do fittings for free, over your clothes or in the privacy of a fitting room.
    • Wear heels. Heeled shoes will make your legs, and your body as a whole, appear longer. This longer appearance will make your body appear proportionally thinner. Heels also lead many women to have better posture, as well as tucking in the hips to create a rounder bottom. Brightly colored shoes can also draw attention to slim legs and away from a fuller belly.
    • Wear appropriate jewelry. Long-chained necklaces can create the appearance of length, which will make you appear slimmer in much the same way as wearing heels. Avoid big or wide earrings if you have a wide or full face, as this will lead your face to look fuller.
    • Wear a belt. If you have a waist which is smaller than the other areas of your body, it is a good idea to emphasize it as this will lead you to appear slimmer overall. Belts are a great way to emphasize your waist. They can be wide or thin, depending on what is best for your outfit.
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    Use color and pattern wisely. The colors and patterns on our clothes play a big part in how others perceive our bodies. You can use how the human eye works to create a slimmer appearance by choosing colors and patterns that are right for your body type.
    • Wear black. When you wear black, you reduce the ability for others to see shadows on your clothing. Seeing shadows is how our eyes perceive depth, so in doing this you will reduce the appearance of bulges and create a slimmer silhouette. Be careful not to overuse black, however as this can create a depressing appearance.
    • Wear bright colors. You can use bright colors to emphasize the thinner sections of your body while drawing attention away from fuller sections. A brightly colored belt can emphasize a small waist or a brightly colored top can draw attention away from full hips.
    • Choose stripes wisely. Stripes can create a thinner or fuller appearance, depending on their direction. Vertical stripes create the appearance of length, whereas horizontal stripes create the appearance of width. Avoid horizontal stripes in areas you want to appear slimmer. Instead, use them strategically to create balance, such as to make narrow hips appear wider (in turn narrowing the appearance of your waist). Use vertical stripes on items like pants, leggings or tights to make your legs look long and lean.
    • Choose polka dots and other patterns wisely. Patterns can be fun and flirty but they must be chosen carefully. Busy patterns such as polka dots draw attention, so use them only in areas you want to emphasize. Larger patterns also create a fuller appearance, so use smaller prints in areas you want to appear thinner.
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    Draw attention where you want it to go. As discussed in the section on body shapes, attention should be drawn to your best features. You can use a variety of methods to direct the eye where you want it to go, including the use of color and pattern, makeup, hairstyle and shoes.
    • Use bright colors and bold patterns. As discussed above, colors and patterns can draw the attention of those around you. Use this to emphasize your best features, such as a small waist, great legs or a full bust. A bright belt can draw attention to a small waist. A close-fitting, patterned top can draw attention to a well-portioned upper body. Brightly colored high heels can show off great legs. Make sure to carefully choose colors and patterns that are right for your body. Colors should be chosen to compliment the natural colors of your skin, eyes and hair, as well as express personal style.
    • Carefully choose your hairstyle. Your hair will significantly change how your face appears, so be sure to choose a style which emphasizes your best features. Avoid blunt bangs, as the horizontal line makes your face wider. Also, avoid chin-length styles as this will draw attention to a double chin. Do use side sweeping bangs and long layers, as these both create a slimmer appearance by drawing the eye away from the width of your face.

Method 4
Become Skinny

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    Get healthy. You may wish to achieve a slimmer look by losing weight. Make sure that this is what is best for you and only undertake the task if it is something you want for yourself. Losing weight and getting healthy is a long, challenging process and should only be done to make you feel better, not everyone else. Your happiness matters most!
    • Eat right. You hear it all the time in regards to losing weight but it’s true: eating healthy is the best way to lose weight. Calories are really just your body’s way of getting and storing energy, so make sure that you don’t get too many. Most people consume too many calories for the amount of energy they exert because the food they eat has too many things their body doesn't need and too little of the things is does need. When you don’t get enough nutrients, you feel tired and hungry because your body doesn't have the fuel it needs. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals will make you feel less hungry and give your body what it needs to get through the day. Avoid foods that have little nutrients, like chips, candy and soda. These are empty calories that do nothing for your body and serve only to increase your weight.
    • Exercise. It’s not always fun, especially when you’re out of shape, but exercise will go a long way to getting you healthy. It helps to ensure that the amount of calories you take in is proportional to the amount of energy your body uses in a given day. It doesn't need to be complicated, either. Just doing things like walking more or taking the stairs instead of the elevator will help. Find small ways throughout your day to increase your activity level. You can do squats while waiting for food to cook and a few minutes of planks before taking a shower in the morning will go a long way.
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    Never starve yourself. You need some fat on your body! It’s not just a matter of keeping you warm, either. Fat is how our body stores nutrients, which it distributes during times when we’re not eating or when we can’t eat (due to sickness or lack of food). We need to nutrients in food to keep our bodies running, so it is important not to starve yourself. Doing this will make you tired and lead you to feel sick.
    • Eat healthy snacks. In order to keep yourself full while still eating healthy and helping to lose weight, eat snacks throughout the day that are high in nutrients but low in bad fats. This works best if you find foods that are high in protein, as protein will give you the most energy. Fresh cut vegetables and fruit, cottage cheese, or nuts make great healthy snacks.
    • Starving yourself is also counterproductive. When we don’t eat for long periods of time or if we do not consume enough food to power our bodies, our metabolism will change. Our body sees constant hunger as a response to famine or situations where food is scarce. It will then respond by creating more fat, in order to store more nutrients.
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    Consult an expert. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little expert help. You can discuss your weight with your doctor to find out the healthy level for your body. You can talk to a dietitian to find good ways to eat healthier and tailor your food to your needs. You can also talk to a physical fitness trainer and learn when and how to get the right kind of exercise.

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