How to Look Nice for School (Girls)

Do you want to look and feel nice for school? Get an outfit together the night before, set your alarm clock early, and get ready to look great! Without this step you won't be able to fit in a couple things!


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    Get up at least an hour before you have to set off for school. Any earlier is fine, too. However, make sure you go to bed early enough that you can function. Besides, a tired person is not an attractive person. Losing too much sleep will give you dark circles and bags under your eyes. Do the basic things - get some breakfast and have a drink as soon as you get up.
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    Get in the shower. Wash your whole body thoroughly with soap, shampoo your hair at least 3-4 days a week, and condition it at least twice a week. Use a shower gel to make your body smell fresh. Get out and dry off, but leave your skin a bit damp.
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    Put on some body lotion. Make sure you put on a decent amount and massage it into your skin.
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    Put on a bathrobe or stay in your towel. Pluck any stray eyebrows, put moisturizer on your face, file your nails if they are rough or broken, and if you have gotten up earlier, you could even consider re-painting them if they are chipped.
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    Time to do your make up! For school, just sweep on a thin coat of your favorite eyeshadow (try earth tones so you don't look like a clown: light gold, bronze, caramel etc. . .), and use about 3 swipes of mascara(curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler BEFORE putting on mascara if needed). Make your skin look clear with some foundation, and dust your face lightly with loose powder to stop your face from getting shiny. This will keep the look fresh and natural. Don't forget to gloss up, a nice pink or clear lip gloss will add just enough shine to your face.
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    Decide what you are going to do with your hair.
    • If your hair is still wet from the shower, either towel dry it or use a blow dryer.
      • If you choose to use a blow dryer, leave it a bit damp so that your hair doesn't get ruined from the heat.
    • Straightening your hair is a great way to get a chic look. It's fast and easy, but don't do it everyday or it will also ruin your hair. And remember to use an anti heat spray to protect your hair (make sure your hair is completely dry!!)
    • Scrunching your hair is cute and so are french braids.
    • Ponytails are very nice because they help to show your beautiful face.
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    Time to get dressed! Put on some deodorant and some body spray. Take out the outfit you planned the night before. Clothes should be clean and creases should be ironed out. You want to come across as a clean, presentable person. If you are wearing open toed shoes, make sure your toenails are not too long or dirty, and if you have extra time, paint them to match your shoes! Try out new fashions, and be creative!
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    Pass on the sugary cereals and chocolate chip waffles. Go for cereals and mini bagels. Have a bit of fruit on the side. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Don't try skipping it to lose weight! You will actually gain more without breakfast. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and gives you enough energy for the day!
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    Brush your teeth well with a good toothpaste, use mouthwash and floss. Get some mints or minty chewing gum! Spray on some perfume, check yourself in the mirror before you leave! Make sure you have all your books and equipment in a reasonably sized bag. Now you're all set!


  • Smile! Feel confident about how great you look.
  • Don't slouch (especially if you are very tall or very short). Slouching can give you spinal problems. If you don't slouch and you are short it will make you look taller and more confident, slouching will just make you look shorter! If you are tall and you don't slouch you will look confident and people will look up to you, if you slouch you'll look awkward.
  • ALWAYS have breakfast.
  • Carry around a small vanity mirror and some Lip Balm or Gloss, along with mints or chewing gum! Throughout the day, drink plenty of water for healthy skin, go to the bathroom and check that your makeup and hair are still okay, touch up lip-balm and pop in a breath mint or two!
  • Always keep a brush or comb in your purse, just in case your hair gets messed up.
  • Don't wear dark makeup - you want to show your natural face!
  • You can look really nice in a uniform, too. Iron what needs to be ironed and it should NEVER be dirty. If you really like something in your uniform, don't be stuck with wearing the same article of clothes for a couple of days. Buy another one so that you look and smell fresh.
  • Try a scented shampoo.
  • Never wear scuffed, dirty shoes. Polish them the night before you wear them, but not too much or they will glow.
  • If you wear a uniform, try spicing it up a little with accessories, such as scarves, necklaces, etc. but don't only think about beauty. When you show nice behavior, that makes you beautiful too.
  • Be the person that stand out.
  • Be nice to everyone.
  • Always look happy!
  • Remember to smile. Smiling is key to everything.
  • Wake up early, so you have enough time to get ready.
  • If your school does not allow make up then just use a powder.
  • If you're trying a new look, make sure you've tried it enough times until you have it down and don't have to worry about messing it up.
  • Try not to overdo the makeup. Go ahead with a natural foundation, eyeshadow and lip gloss. You can even try to crimp, curl, or straighten your hair to go for a fresh new look.
  • Try to stand out, and be confident in your look! You look cute anyway; try to be social and don't stick yourself in a corner. Confidence is the only thing missing on this list because confidence looks best on you!
  • Wash your face twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Make sure to moisturize after.
  • Be positive of how you look!
  • If someone calls you fat, keep a positive attitude and don't insult them back.
  • Be confident. Wear something you're comfortable with and something that suits you. Apply a little sunblock on your face. Try different styles and see which one that suits you.


  • Make sure your clothes are within the dress code at your school.
  • Know your own routine - get up early so you'll have enough time! Don't make yourself late. Some routines are hard to master at first, but you should stick to them,you will soon get the hang of it.
  • Waking up early should NOT mean you should miss out sleep just to make yourself look nice. Don't give in to that peer pressure and get enough sleep to function the next day! Go to sleep from 9:00-9:30 and wake up at least an hour before you have to go. If you're planning on doing something fancy with your makeup or hair wake up earlier!
  • Don't overdo the make up! You want to look natural not tacky.
  • Do not follow any of this hair-related advice if you have coarse hair, as you may cause damage

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