How to Look Natural and Gorgeous for School

Five Parts:Caring for your hairCaring for your skin and eyesWearing makeupChoosing clothing for schoolKeeping natural and gorgeous

With a little effort, you can cultivate a natural and gorgeous look for school days. This look can help you to feel confident and relaxed while going through your days, whether it be high school, middle school, or college.

Part 1
Caring for your hair

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    Fix your hair. Shampoo and conditioner hair every other day or every three days, depending on your hair type and length. Use conditioner to soften the hair after shampoo.
    • Get highlights and see your hair stylist about what sort of cut will look good on you. Layers are cute for straight hair, and for frizzy curly hair, long is better with a de-frizzing gel or spray.
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    Brush your hair every morning, unless you have coarse hair. Blow drying too much can cause your hair to dry up, so avoid doing this most days.

Part 2
Caring for your skin and eyes

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    Take care of your skin. Wash your skin every day and night. Don't pile on thick foundation; let the skin breathe.
    • Use a cleanser and moisturizer twice a day without fail, plus a sunscreen of at least SPF 10 to protect your face.
    • Choose an oil-free moisturizer, to avoid minor infections and clogged pores.
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    Take care of your eyes. When you wake up in the morning, maybe your eyes are puffy, lashes are stubby and generally your peepers look awful. Fill a sink half-full with a combination of cold water and ice cubes, then press a soaked towel to your eyes and face for at least 10 seconds each.

Part 3
Wearing makeup

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    Apply some makeup. Here you have a choice, even if your school doesn't allow makeup. A tinted moisturizer, to even your skin tone, conceal flaws and save time (foundation and moisturizer in one) - or some mineral powder with concealer on top will work for both a non-makeup school and one that allows it.
    • Dust a translucent powder on top to minimize shine. Or, you could always use a clear smoothing primer, to minimize sallowness, create a smooth canvas and an alternative to moisturizer.
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    Do your cheeks. For bright flushed cheeks, choose a baby pink blush and, using a brush, dust it on the tops of the apples of your cheeks, then blend.
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    Use a moisturizing lip balm, then a nude lipstick, to make your lips look fuller. Putting on chapstick before going to sleep with help keep that moist feeling when you wake up. Lip gloss is always an eye catcher.
    • Make sure you wash off yesterday's lip products before putting on a new coat. Lip stainer can stain your lips a color you don't like, and it takes a lot of time to wipe that stuff off.
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    • No harsh reds or deep purples. Light pinks are okay, but the recommended choice would be a nice, nourishing chapstick.
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    Fix your eyes. Line your upper eyelids in black, brown or smoke-gray eyeliner, and lower eyelids in white eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes and put on one or two coats of a good, non-clumpy mascara.
    • Get an eyeshadow in smoldering gold. Dip your pinkie in it and dab it at the corner of your eyes, then across the bottom of your lids. Use a concealer to cover up your dark circles.
    • Go a little natural and light with the eyeshadow. Fake eyelashes are not a good idea.
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    Put on a crisp deodorant in a citrus or mint scent. Use a sweet or citrus cream, moisturize your entire body (but not your face). Perfume is another good way to keep a fresh smell lingering on you. Good smelling hair products work well too, if it doesn't damage your hair.

Part 4
Choosing clothing for school

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    Pick a cute outfit that is casual. For example, a lace shirt, skinny jeans, high tops. Or, for a more preppy look, a skin tight cherry that is not too long, some cute bracelets, and extra-high sandals. You don't need to wear designer clothes to feel good, just an eye for what looks best on you.
    • If you have a uniform, make sure the skirt is short, the shirt is a little loose, the tie/bowtie is loose and long and you have at least one bright, cool accessory and preferably two. Sweet Bohemian outfits are the cutest to go with your natural look, like fringed skirts, silky shirts, suede fringed bags, earth tones combined with hot pinks and lime greens, and flower-power jewelry.
    • Use accessories. They are the key matter in looking good with dress code rules.
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Part 5
Keeping natural and gorgeous

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    Exercise to keep your sweet look, and don't eat too unhealthily.
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    Get to know yourself as a person. What are some of your positive traits; flirty, nice, supportive, thoughtful, sensitive, outgoing, funny? Make the most of your best traits and talents.
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    Don't be bratty or mean. Be as nice as you can, and don't take life too seriously. Remember, you only live once!
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    Get enough sleep to make sure you are always happy. All the make up in the world and a cute outfit can't hide a cranky face.
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    Embrace your future and be genuine. People are considered natural and gorgeous if they are able to carry an interesting conversation and are knowledgeable. Care about other people; this isn't all about you.


  • When you first wake up, dampen your hands under water and then massage your face quickly. It will get your blood stream running.
  • Always floss, brush your teeth and carry around mints! Nobody likes someone with bad breath!
  • Keep an emergency kit in your school bag at all times. Must have - lip balm, mascara, blush, zit gel, translucent powder and concealer. It's also nice to have some pads and other feminine needs. Even if you don't have your period yet, you never know when it could come.
  • When buying your beauty supplies, choose cruelty free and buy from a brand that doesn't test on animals!
  • When given a choice between fingers and brush, always choose the make-up brush. Oil and germs on your fingers are bad for the skin.
  • When you press ice cubes on your eyes, don't press too hard - it'll leave red marks like you just ironed your eyes.
  • Don't wear too much lip liner.
  • People with glasses could wear contacts instead. Or you could wear some really pretty stand out from the crowd glasses, not too big so they hide your eyes, but emphasize them!
  • Curl your eyelashes to look perky and awake!
  • Buy a vaporizer and fill it with a refreshing or soothing toner (again, Sephora has them dirt cheap). This will help your skin soften and set your make-up during the day.
  • Before going to bed and after wake up, rinse your face with warm water and put a mild facial soap, wash it of with cool water and pat dry.
  • In the morning, use your toothbrush to massage your lips for 2 minutes.
  • To plump up your lips without cosmetics try massaging them with cinnamon be careful though it can hurt a little at first.
  • If your lips loses its softness apply a lip balm etc rather than biting or licking them to soften them.This can cause them to become more uneven.
  • Put sunscreen on daily so your skin doesn't get burned. Don't forget to moisturize your skin as well!
  • Don't forget to smile!


  • Its not always about the makeup, your natural self may just be the perfect look for school!
  • Using too much conditioner in your hair could cause it to become oily.
  • Remember, it's not always about the outer shine. A mean and horrible bully completely overshadows any beauty you have. It literally describes you as an arrogant person. Always show your beautiful personality - it complements a perfect face!
  • Don't put too much makeup on.

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  • Cool clothes (you determine what's cool)

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