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Looking polished on a day-to-day basis may seem exhausting, but it can actually be very simple! When it comes to looking more polished, the key is to create a well put-together look that embraces your unique personal style. There are a few simple tricks everyone can use to look more polished, whether it's styling your hair the right way, or improving your posture.

Part 1
Paying Attention to Detail

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    Style your hair to look more polished. A polished look is a put together look, so don't leave your hair out of the equation. If you have time, make an effort to spend some time styling your hair every day – straighten it, curl it, put it in a nice bun, shape it with mousse, etc. If you're not a great hairstylist, rock a low-maintencace haircut that's easy to style on your own. Ask your hairdresser about cuts that would work best for you.[1]
    • Simple hairstyles like ponytails can look polished with a little extra effort. After you put your hair in a ponytail, take a small piece of your hair, wrap it around the hair tie, and pin it in place. This will elevate your pony to a polished hairdo.
    • Even if you like the messy, bedhead look, use styling creams or a little shine serum to give your hair an on-purpose messy look.
    • Leave some hair products and tools at work. Whether the wind ruined your curls on the way in to the office, or you need to re-straighten your hair before after-work cocktails, it's a good idea to keep some haircare things at work.[2]
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    Always wear a fragrance. Whether you're heading out on a date, going into the office for a regular day of work, or running errands around town, always wear your fragrance. People always notice when you smell good, and it will leave an impression that you're well polished and put-together. Don't douse yourself in your scent, but subtly apply it throughout the day. Ideally, you should carry a small bottle of your perfume / cologne around with you.[3]
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    Take good care of your hands. As simple as it sounds, taking care of your hands and nails is one of the top characteristics of a polished individual. People who keep their hands manicured appear to be more put-together than those who don't. You don't have to necessarily keep polish on your nails, but make sure that you keep your nails filed and your cuticles trimmed. Carry hand lotion with you to keep your hands nice and soft.[4]
    • If you enjoy polishing your nails, be sure to change the polish once your nails start chipping. It's a good idea to wear softer colors, like tans and light pinks, as it is less obvious when those polishes start to chip.
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    Complete your look with the right makeup. Good grooming is key when you're looking to create a polished look. Aim for a natural, flawless complexion, as opposed to caking on layers of heavy makeup. Choose a foundation that smooths and evens your skin, without taking away it's natural glow. Add a bit of blush and highlighting powder to subtly contour your face, shape your eyebrows with pencil, and apply a touch of mascara and lip color. Creating this bright, fresh look will definitely help you look more polished.[5]
    • For men, pay special attention to your grooming. Some guys look great with scruff, but make sure to keep it in check. Use aftershave creams to avoid razor burn, and always apply moisturizer. If you have excessive nose hairs or a unibrow, pluck those hairs to give yourself a more polished look.

Part 2
Creating Your Look

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    Know your wardrobe essentials. Everybody has their own signature style, even if they don't know it. You have a favorite pair of jeans, a favorite cut of dress, a favorite style of shoe, etc. Figure out what your wardrobe essentials are and embrace them. When you create a capsule type of wardrobe, you'll be able to put together polished outfits instantly, and know that you'll look great.
    • Get rid of clothing that you don't wear and clothing that isn't figure flattering. Filling your closet with fewer pieces that look great is much better than tons of pieces that don't look that good.
    • Your edited wardrobe might include pieces that can easily go together, such as a couple pairs of skinny jeans, a nice pair of black slacks, a blazer, a few blouses, and your favorite flats in a few different colors.[6]
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    Invest in a few key pieces to elevate your wardrobe. Adding a nice blazer, sweater, or jacket can improve any outfit, so invest in these pieces. You'll be able to pair them with the majority of the clothes in your wardrobe. Get a nice pair of denim jeans as well, as high quality denim always looks great. Women should always invest in a little black dress, and men should always invest in a nice fitting suit. These can be re-worn over and over again, so invest in something nice.[7]
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    Wear the right shoes and accessories. Accessories can make or break any outfit. Overdoing the accessories can cheapen your look, and wearing too few accessories can cause you to look lack-luster. Picking out a few staple accessories – including jewelry, handbags, and shoes – will help you polish up any outfit.
    • A pair of diamond (or rhinestone) studs can dazzle up any outfit, and a pair of gold and silver hoops can go with nearly any outfit. Add these earrings to your staple accessories and add them to an outfit whenever you're in doubt.
    • Adding belts, necklaces, and bracelets to outfit can polish up a look when done right. Stick to simple accessories as opposed to gaudy ones.
    • Invest in a pair of go-to flats and go-to pumps (or a go-to pair of sneakers and dress shoes for men). These shoes should be versatile and comfortable so that you can pair them with almost every outfit.[8]
    • Clean the scuff marks or salt stains out of your shoes. Since you walk around outside, your shoes tend to get dirty. Simply cleaning any dirt from your shoes automatically polish up your look.[9]
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    Pay attention to color coordination. It's simple things, like coordinating your colors, that can help to create a polished look. Everything doesn't have to match perfectly, but make sure your colors go well together. And when you're in doubt, simply wear black (because black goes with everything and always looks chic).
    • Neutral colors tend to go well together. Mix a few tans and beiges to create a polished, yet subtle look.
    • If you're wearing a dress that has pink accents, match your lipstick or accessories to those accents.
    • Matching your nail color to your shoes is a great way to pull off a completely polished look.[10]

Part 3
Carrying Yourself with Confidence

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    Practice you posture. Standing and sitting up straight creates a much more polished look than slouching does. Practice standing tall, putting your shoulders back, and holding your head up high. This will help you exude confidence, creating a more polished overall look.[11]
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    Have conversations with other people. Brushing up on your conversation skills is a great way to add to your polished look. If you're able to hold meaningful and intelligent conversations, it will be obvious to people that you know what you're talking about, and they will begin to take you more seriously.
    • It can be difficult to put yourself out there if you're a shy person, but try to make an effort! If others see that you're making an effort to engage in conversation, they may start to view you as a more polished individual as opposed to 'the shy guy' at work.
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    Smile more often. Happiness is another sign of a person who is well put-together. When you're interacting with others, be sure to smile. People typically equate smiling to happiness, and happiness is a sign of a polished individual. Even if you're having a bad day, don't take it out on the people around you.

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