wikiHow to Look More Pale Without Makeup

Whether you're looking to seal a certain look or just think that you look better with fairer skin, it's very easy to achieve that light skin colour without loads of foundation and powder (or clown makeup!).


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    Buy a sun block with an SPF of 15+. A better alternative is a moisturizer with an SPF in it. Anything above 30 is preferable and anything under may not fully protect all of the suns harmful rays and might not fully protect your skin from being tanned.
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    Purchase a stick sun block or chap stick containing SPF. Use this on your lips daily.
    • Try not to use a stick sun block on anything besides your lips. It is easily applied unevenly and, if you use it on your lips, you don't want to spread germs. You wouldn't use a lipstick on your face!
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    Put the sun block on your face, neck, shoulders, and chest area twice daily: Once when you wake up and another time halfway through the day. Use chap stick whenever your lips feel dry.
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    Find a blush brush and baby powder. Using a little bit of powder, swirl it on your cheeks and chin like a bronzer. It makes your face reflect light which helps prevent tanning and makes you more pale.
    • Remember to reapply after you use the sun block!
    • Avoid the upper nose and under your eyes area. This is where skin is dry and it makes your skin look flaky.
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    Consider dying your hair an extremely light or dark color.
    • Light colors, when your skin is the same color or lighter, make you look translucent. This can be harder to pull off, because you can't make mistakes in your face. If your hair turns out lighter than your face, it'll look like a mess.
    • Darker colors, like medium dark brown, brown-black, and black, are easier to pull off. You don't have to worry about your hair being too light for your complexion. They give your skin a translucent look.
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    Cover your skin. The less skin that shows is the less skin that burns!


  • Dark nail polish can make your hands and feet look more "pale" .
  • Stay out of the sun for long periods of time. Let's face it, if you're on the soccer team and are outside nearly every day for an hour or more, you're not going to be able to look very pale.
  • Look for unscented sun blocks and moisturizer. People can smell it and it could clash with your perfume.


  • Baby powder gets on your clothes very easily. Consider wearing a shirt over your outfit while applying baby powder.
  • Grease causes acne, and acne doesn't fit in with pale faces.

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