How to Look Like the Girls in Thirteen

Loved the movie 'Thirteen'? Wanted to steal some of their looks and use them for yourself? Well, Now you can! All you'll need is some money, some makeup, some jewelry and some attitude!


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    Buy yourself some tank tops. Get them in a wide variety of colors. The girls in the movie wear black, purple and pink ones most often. They can be low cut or v-neck but must be tight fitting. Ideally the shirt will be tight and show off the navel or lower stomach.
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    Get some jeans! If you already have a pair, perfect! Jeans that are tight at the waist and flared at the leg are most popular in the movie 'Thirteen.' Jeans with studs, sparkles and grommets are perfect. If you want to jazz up the jeans you have, add some sequins or diamante studs to the pockets and legs.
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    Get some Converse shoes. The girls in the movie wear lots of black Converse shoes. While the brand is not important, a pair of hightops is ideal. Feel free to add sparkled and studs to the shoes and to scrawl writing all over them!
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    Get some tight vests. The girls in the movie are seen out in tight, navel baring black vests through much of the movie. These vests can be purchased at stores like Hot Topic.
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    Get a studded belt! The girls are never seen without low slung, metallic belts. These belts can be bought at almost any teen clothing store. Black ones with silver grommets are most popular.
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    Buy a fringe bag or sexy handbag. Get a flashy bag that stands out. A silver, gold or black purse is ideal. Brands like Bebe and Guess make cute purses that are flashy and perfect for an urban scene!
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    Don't forget the jewelry! Silver chains, flashy cross necklaces and huge hoop earrings top the look off. Don't be afraid to over accessorize! Add flashy bangles, layers of thin and shiny necklaces and hoop earrings to any look. If you don't like jewelry at least buy a pair of hoop earrings as the girls in 'Thirteen' always have a pair on.
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    Get some piercings! If you don't feel comfortable doing so, you can skip this step. Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood sport navel and tongue piercings in the movie. If you already have a tongue piercing be sure to show it off and let people know you have one. If you have a navel piercing splurge on some new jewels for your belly button. Get studs with chains or flashy colors.
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    Makeup, makeup, makeup! The key for this look is over the top. Lots of eyeliner (black) and eyeshadow. It is important to buy some glitter to adorn your eyes and lashes with. Lise Watier makes a great sparkly black eyeliner. If you are going to wear lip gloss make sure it is pink or red. Use blush and bronzer to look sexy and healthy. Flawlessness is not the goal for this look; you want to look pretty but also tough and cool.
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    Hair! If you don't already own a curler or straightening iron it would be good to buy these tools now. Curls and glamorous hair accessories are popular in the movie. If you feel comfortable, buy some hair extensions and hair pieces. Hot Topic sells extensions in a range of colors. Buy some shiny bows and hair clips and don't be afraid to tease your hair, curl it and make it look dramatic! In the movie, Evie often has relaxed and wavy hair but straightens her hair and adds hair pieces when she's going out. Tracy curls her hair and ties it up in dramatic buns when she is going out.
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    Always wear a thong! G-strings are the most popular in the movie.
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    Nails! Paint your nails mostly dark colors. You'll usually see the girls in black, purple or dark red nail polish.
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    Attitude! While you shouldn't go out causing crime and doing illegal things, you can learn some things from the girls in 'Thirteen.' Walk with attitude and confidence and keep your head up. Be loud and laugh with your friends in public. When you are out act tough and unafraid. Act intimidating and make other girls want to be you. Flirt with boys but act unavailable and never act desperate.


  • Necklaces with the cross are worn by Evie in the movie. Sparkly necklaces with writing are seen throughout the film as well.
  • Paint your nails burgundy (dark red), matching your lips.
  • Don't be afraid of offending anyone or intimidating anyone.
  • Act confident! Other people will think you are fake if you don't have the attitude to match the look.
  • Buy some wristbands! Tracy and Evie are seen in many scenes with colorful wristbands. Feel free to decorate them with a Sharpie marker.
  • Go out with friends a lot and act like you have the perfect life!
  • Go shopping at every opportunity you can.
  • Black eyeliner, colorful eyeshadow and eye glitter are very 'Thirteen.'
  • Nose piercings or multiple ear piercings are optional but add flair to the look.


  • Do what you feel comfortable doing!
  • Don't start smoking to be like the girls in the movie.
  • Don't copy the habits of the girls in the movie. Refrain from drug use and criminal activity.
  • If your parents don't want you getting piercings or tattoos then don't!
  • Try all these looks but do so in moderation; you don't want to look trashy or like a hooker.

Things You'll Need

  • Converse shoes. If you hate sneakers, Ugg boots or black flats will work. You could consider heels.
  • Eyeliner, glitter and eyeshadow!
  • Tight vest and tank tops. Glittery club-wear tops and dresses look great, too! Ideally the top will show off your navel.
  • Jeans. They can be any style but the girls in 'Thirteen' wear flared jeans.
  • Studded belt.
  • jewelry. Silver and gold chains and necklaces.
  • Hoop earrings
  • Bangles and wristbands.
  • Small, sexy purse in an eye-catching color.
  • Piercings.
  • Hair clips and extensions.
  • Hair curler and hair straightener
  • Pink or red lipgloss.

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