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Is Selena Gomez your idol? Are you inspired by everything she does? If want to emulate her look, this is the article for you!

Part 1

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    Get the shine. Selena is known for her huge, dark, shiny eyes, so give your eyes a beautiful natural shine by applying two cold cucumber slices. (or two cold, wet cotton balls) Pull your hair back, lay down, and gently press them against your closed eyelids. Count to fifty slowly, then pull them away; your eyes will have a natural shine.
    • Remember that your eyes don't have to be brown. Blue, green, grey, and hazel eyes are just as pretty.
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    Apply eyeshadow. Make sure your eyes are dry then select a quality eyeshadow. (Don't go and buy some cheap eyeshadow at a gas station. If you want a flattering Gomez look, you might need to pinch a couple pennies to afford it.) First apply a lighter color to the lids, then apply a darker color to the creases. Be sure the tones suit your eye color.
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    Apply eyeliner. Get a black or dark brown eyeliner to match Selena’s style. Line both the top and bottom of your eyelids, but don't overdo it. (especially if you really want to look like her)
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    Apply mascara. Get a high-quality mascara and dip the wand in. Set it near your eyelash and blink until there is enough mascara on your eyelashes for you.

Part 2

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    Plump your lips. Selena has a naturally full mouth, but there are cheap ways to emulate the look. Get about a teaspoon of sugar or salt. Lick your lips twice and kiss the spoon of salt or sugar, until the majority of it is on your lips. Rub your lips together until they are slightly numb, then rinse them thoroughly. Also, every time you brush your teeth, brush your lips for three minutes.
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    Moisturize your lips. Buy a moisturizing lip balm with SPF and use it whenever your lips get dry or chapped. Don't lick your lips! It may be tempting, but it dries out your lips.
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    Gloss your lips. Finish your lips off with a nice lip gloss. Go to any beauty store and buy lip gloss. When buying the gloss, don't make it super-shiny. Keep it moderately glossy, as Selena likes to keep her look natural.
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    Selena's lips are pinkish, so to make it look like hers, use a little white lip liner then blend it together. Then you have pinkish lips like her..

Part 3

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    Cleanse. Selena is very fresh-faced, so the best place to start is with a natural glow. Buy a good acne cleanser and use at least once daily. If you have sensitive skin, ask your doctor or dermatologist what cleanser you should use.
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    Moisturize. Buy a lightweight moisturizer and apply it to your face after you've applied the cleanser. This will help keep your skin moisturized and will avoid dry, flaky skin. Make sure that it's lightweight so that your face doesn't get too oily.
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    Apply makeup for a natural look. Use a sheer foundation that matches your skin colour and apply it to your face, concentrating on areas like your nose and under eyes. Put on a bronze or dusty-rose blush if your skin tone is like Selena's; otherwise, go for a colour that suits your skin tone better.
    • If your complexion is already even, avoid foundation; it may dull your natural vibrancy.
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    Shape your eyebrows. "Done" eyebrows make your eyes look bigger and your makeup pop. If you don’t want to shape your own eyebrows, have them waxed. (If you’re under thirteen, you can also have them strung.)
    • Only pluck your eyebrows if you want to and are ready for it.

Part 4

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    Make your hair shine. Selena has sleek, shiny hair that looks great with or without styling. Keep your hair healthy by washing and conditioning it according to its needs (ex. thin, dry, oily, and dyed hair all have different needs).
    • Selena says that she uses "Hello Hydration." Of course, just because it works for her hair doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours.
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    Style your hair. Luckily for you, Selena has worn her hair in a variety of styles including long, shoulder-length, layered, straight, and wavy with front bangs, side bangs, and no bangs at all. Look through some photos of her over the years to choose a style that flatters your face shape.
    • To achieve the straight-haired look, buy a good flat iron and some heat protectant (so your hair doesn't get frizzy or damaged). Apply the heat protectant to your hair. Once the straightener has heated up, straighten your hair.
    • To achieve a wavy look, buy a good heat wand as well as heat protectant. Apply the heat protectant to your hair. Wrap different sections of your hair around the wand and, when you’re done, spray with hairspray or shine-spray to hold the kinks.

Part 5

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    Inspire yourself. Selena has a great sense of style (and it's actually pretty affordable!). Search for pictures of Selena online to see what you like, what would flatter your body type, and what’s in your budget. Circle the items you like in certain pictures. Do you love the skinny jeans she's wearing in that picture? Or maybe the cardigan? Get inspired by her before going out shopping.
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    Shop for clothes. Selena wears skinny jeans, scarves, heels, and anything else that is frilly or girly. It's a good idea to shop at teenage stores like American Eagle, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Garage, Aeropostale, etc., which are all fairly affordable. If you have a higher budget, try going for stores like Abercrombie and Juicy Couture. Selena loves shopping at Abercrombie and Juicy for occasional clothing.
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  • Drink more water. Aim for five bottles a day. Drinking water will help keep your skin glowing and lips moisturized.
  • Bags under your eyes are not a sign of ugliness; it means that you're not getting enough sleep. Try not drinking coffee or soda right before bed.
  • Selena is Selena and you are you. Be yourself and add some flair to your Selena style by adding some of your own touches.
  • Don't copy her exactly. Just be yourself and keep yourself healthy.
  • Remember that you will never look exactly like Selena; you cannot change your genetics!
  • You should add your own style into your looks and remember that you are not Selena
  • Using a touch chlorine removing shampoo after shampooing and before using conditioner adds a nice shine.
  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to attain the white smile Selena flaunts.

Things You'll Need

  • Cucumbers or wet cotton balls
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow (2 colors)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Sugar or salt
  • Lip balm
  • Lip gloss
  • Facial cleanser
  • Lightweight moisturizer
  • Sheer foundation
  • Natural blush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Hair products
  • Heat protectant
  • Flat iron and/or curling iron
  • converse
  • graphic tees
  • vests
  • skinny jeans(print, color, or regular blue is great)
  • a couple dresses
  • boots(light brown or black)

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