How to Look Like Sarah Palin

The 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States of America has gotten a lot of media attention, not only for her stance on political issues, but also because of her distinct appearance. Her style is conservative, yet bold, with a lot of bright colors. Don't forget the signature glasses!


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    Wear a fitted blazer. It should be in a dark or bold color. Try to get one that has shoulder pads. If you can't find a suitable blazer, wear a fitted collared shirt. Pair it with a simple pencil skirt that fits close to the body. You can get away with slacks, but Palin is most commonly seen wearing tight-fitting skirts (see Tips).
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    Apply dark brown eyeliner on the bottom lashes and lots of blush. Wear a glossy mauve color on your lips.
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    Get the Sarah Palin hairdo. The most common style she wears is with the hair swept back and lifted slightly to create some volume at the top. This can be accomplished by pulling your hair into a ponytail, twisting the hair into a bun, lifting the bun until you get the desired volume, and then holding the bun in place with a butterfly clip. If you have bangs, curl them with a curling iron and use hairspray to hold them in place. If you don't have bangs, dark hair, or long enough hair, a wig may be in order. If your hair is wavy or curly, straighten it.
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    Buy a cheap pair of rectangular reading glasses, available at most drug stores. Push out the lenses so that you can see when you're wearing them. Palin typically wears rimless glasses, but ones with thin rims will do the trick, as long as they're rectangular. If you already wear glasses, you can probably get away with wearing those, provided they're not too distinct.
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    Accessorize. If you're dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween, you might need to wear some accessories so people recognize who you're impersonating. Otherwise they might think you're just dressed as a librarian, or businesswoman. Some common items associated with Palin are:
    • A campaign pin
    • A toy rifle
    • A stuffed moose
    • American flag lapel pin
    • Miss Alaska beauty pageant ribbon


  • Wear classy, subtle earrings like pearls or sparkling studs.
  • Get a pair of classic business pumps, or something reminiscent of that. Simple red or black are your best bet. The heel should be tall and slender, and the toe pointed (not square).


  • Although there are some people who love Sarah Palin, there are many who loathe her as well.

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