How to Look Like Rachel McAdams

Rachel may know her from "The Notebook" or "Mean Girls". But no matter how many different movies she's in, she still comes out looking flawless. Wanna know why? She's got a certain pizzazz that makes people want to be like her. You obviously do, as you are reading this Wiki! Read on to learn about how to be more like Rachel.


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    Rachel likes to play around with her look...her hair goes from blonde, to mix and match!(Be warned hair will have side affects if you dye it too often) Get highlights often and use self dyes to change your color. Always, always, ask a salon specialist for help though. Ruined hair is not Rachel. Rachel always keeps her make up looking cute and clean. Try foundation and pink lip gloss. There you go! She loves polka dots and stripes...not at the same time though! Ha, ha. Separately. Don't be afraid to mix colors, however. Rachel's style is flirty and fun!!
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    Rachel is a great actress. Audition for school and town plays and try your best to get in! Be nice to your fellow actors and smile your big Rachel smile! Be prepared for rehearsal: know your lines and know your motivation...who is your character? A girly girl? A tomboy? A farmer? Whatever it is, you must know it inside and out! The show must go on!
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    Rachel is an outgoing person. If someone asked her to help them out or even try a new food, Rachel would say yes. She wants to expand her knowledge and have fun. That's what life is all about!
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    Rachel is really really sweet to everyone (if you recall the 2006 Oscars...) so try to be like that!
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    According to Rachel in an interview, she never was in an actual "clique." She kind of chilled with 2 different groups - the dramatic (probably popular, cool) people, and then the "jock" people, since she was really active in sports.


  • Study hard in school.
  • Never give up on your dreams!
  • Smile!
  • [1]- she cares so much about the environment she made a website dedicated to it
  • Designer clothes are recommended. Try Coach or Ralph Lauren at T.J Max.
  • Be kind, thoughtful, creative, and open minded. She is an actress you know. A big part of her is acting and even though she tries to balance it she'll always be an actress so you need to be an actress too.
  • Try Clinique make-up for a full Rachel look.
  • "I am pretty domesticated. My life kind of comes to a screeching halt when I am not making movies. Well, that’s kind of not true. I do a lot: I really like to hang out with my friends, family, ride my bike around town, garden, cook. I started playing Frisbee this year – Ultimate Frisbee." - Rachel McAdams. This quote says a lot.
  • Read up on her interviews and facts about her on etc. You can find a lot about her through those like how she loves changing hair colors and even changes her handwriting sometimes - and little things like her favorite color is purple.


  • Do NOT be mean

Things You'll Need

  • A conservative personality
  • The ability to work hard for what you want
  • Makeup and nice clothes

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