How to Look Like Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks is known for her piercing lined eyes, beautiful slightly devilish smile and killer flapper garb. And as in the 20s, people still idolize her. If you are one of those people, read on...


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    Hair. Louise was one of the women in the 20s who cut her hair short "a la garçonne" in a bob style.
    • The easiest option is a sleek and straight bob with front bangs, the length being just at the end of the cheekbone but there are two other options.
    • *The other option is one Louise herself sported in her later days in hollywood, soft finger waves (which is easier for wavy and curly hair).
    • *The third, for people who don't want to cut their long hair is a low bun covered with hair folded over it. Louise didn't wear it, but it is a good alternative.
    • Pair your 'dos with flower crowns, cloche hats, drapey scarves, feathered headbands and berets.
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    Makeup. Makeup is very simple, as few makeup products were available in the 20s.
    • Matte Powder. Louise had light skin, so if you have dark skin use a shade lighter than usual. If you want to feel really 20s use a powder puff.
    • Louise had her eyebrows plucked and drawn on, but a modern girl who wants to keep her eyebrows could simply cover them and draw on her shape. Use a dark eyebrow pencil in either case.
    • Black kohl around the eyes to get a piercing gaze.
    • A light puff of red blush, barely noticeable was Louise's signature look.
    • Dark red lipstick, extending the cupids bow a bit onto the skin. Don't forget the lipliner!
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    Clothing. Wear knee length undefined waistline, sleeveless, boat and scoop neck dresses, loose swing coats, tutus, sheer brown stockings and even occasionally a tuxedo! For colors wear white, black, silver and jewel tones. Don't forget leather french heel shoes!
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    Pout and add a bit of a smirk to your smile like Louise did in her movies. Make your expressions a bit emphasized, not as much as a film star, just more than your girl on the street. Remember, Louise was a movie star and she presented herself like one.


  • Watch Louise's movies to get a feel of her look.
  • Read Louise's biographies. There might be a few tips in there.
  • Use flapper brands of makeup like Estee Lauder, Revlon and Max Factor.
  • Although many movie stars of the time de-emphasized the look of the sides of their mouth (ex. Clara Bow) Louise did not, so feel free to add lipstick to the corners.

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