How to Look Like Leighton Meester

Well well well...You've probably seen Leighton on Gossip Girl, Entourage etc...Want to look as fab as she does? Read on!


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    Have smooth luxurious skin. Drink eight glasses of water a day, this will help to keep your skin clear by flushing out the toxins that we put into our bodies daily. Eat healthier foods, try cutting down the sugary snacks (but not cutting out completely) substitute chocolate and crisps for fruit such as oranges and grapes. Follow a cleansing ritual, I find that this is best done on an evening as most women have more time then than on a morning. Exfoliate once a week. Find a cleanser that suits your skin type, if you are unsure of what this could be then ask a sales adviser to assist you with this.
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    It's all about the hair. Leighton's hair is long, dark and glossy. If you want to have the same colour then you should dye your hair a medium chocolate brown colour and invest in some chestnut coloured low lights. High quality products are best for achieving Leighton's look. Once a week, use a good deep conditioner on your hair to achieve the same glossy look that she sports. You should try to grow your hair long, generally to about boob length, however if you struggle to grow your hair you could invest in some hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the best for not damaging your hair and are certainly cheaper than their bonded counterparts. To achieve the big loose curls that Leighton wears then use some big rollers in your hair.
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    On to the make up. Leighton has a very polished, bronzed look. Find a foundation that suits your skin type and that is as close to your skin tone as possible, to get Leighton's polished look then a liquid foundation will probably work best. Wear a thin line of black eyeliner on your upper eyelids, as close to the lash line as possible. Black mascara is a must for Leighton's look. She uses a coral bronzed blush on the apples of her cheeks. A soft lip balm is suited to her look for a day to day basis and for a special occasion, colours such as rose, peach/pink, beige/pink look great. If you are feeling daring then a rich red lipstick is always an eye popper.
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    Work that body. Leighton has a fabulous figure and with a little TLC, yours can be too. For optimum effects, join a gym. However, if you can't afford to join a gym, or that environment is not for you then start taking morning and evening walks/jogs. If your body is severely out of shape then you could go on a diet, but only do so after seeking advice from a doctor and a parent/guardian if you're under eighteen.
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    Fashion. Leighton's signature look is a dress. Dresses look fantastic on women of all shapes and sizes, you just need to find the style that compliments your body shape the most. Short dresses paired with some fashionable tights can make a cheap outfit look expensive and fantastic, as well as making the wearer look extremely feminine.
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    Sparkling teeth. Leighton's signature smile includes her sparkly white teeth. After brushing your teeth, use a whitening tooth polish to help brighten your teeth. If your teeth have yellow stains then you could go all out for a teeth whitening treatment, however this can be very costly. Do make sure to brush your teeth every day though.
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    Confidence is keen. Make sure that you have good posture, don't slouch. Walk as though you don't have a care what anyone thinks of you and confidence will radiate from you.
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    Don't forget to be yourself. Although, you may want to be just like Leighton, the best look anyone can wear is themselves.


  • Always use good quality hair and skin products, including makeup. You never want to compromise on quality.
  • Check out all photos of Leighton you can find on the net.

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