How to Look Like Jasmine from Aladdin

If you like the movie Aladdin, you should know about Jasmine as she is one of the main characters. IF you'd like to look like her, this article can explain these details.


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    Recognize that Jasmine was a little darker skinned, as if she had been out in the sun for a little while. As always though, wear some protection for UV rays, and try to keep cool to prevent sunstroke/heatstroke. She was tan in color and not so much of a normal body white.
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    Observe the movie Aladdin to inspect what types of clothing Jasmine wears. Look to become very beautiful. Jasmine is very beautiful. In the first movie, she wears blue harem pants with a matching crop top (although in the part where she is enslaved by Jafar she wears red). What you need to look like Jasmine is any colour of harem pants, a matching crop top, gold triangular earings, a matching headband, and two matching arm bands and matching ballet flats that are described later in this article.
    • Sometimes, these clothing pieces will be found at discount stores so keep your eyes peeled. However, almost always are these clothing pieces found online by typing "Jasmine's harem pants" into a shopping site's online page (use more notable places such as Amazon and eBay for these clothing pieces.)
    • Sometimes, her blue pants were a shade of aqua/baby-blue but had a thin-looking band of blue just at the tip-top of the pants that extended around her waist.
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    Achieve Jasmine's hairstyle. Complete a ponytail in your hair and braid it back into a bubble braid. Use a matching coloured hair tie. To make it more like Jasmine's hair grow your hair long.
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    Wear the makeup like Jasmine would wear. For the makeup you need: brown/gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a bronzer and lipstick.
    • Apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids and under your eye.
    • Get your black eyeliner and make a cat eye.
    • Apply the bronzer onto your cheekbones.
    • Apply the lipstick.
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    Look at Jasmine's waist and figure. Although Disney's depiction of Jasmine was rather slender in places, loosing some weight to become slim can be safely achieved. Disney's depiction of Jasmine seemed rather thin and rather tall in her waist alone - almost too much at a point of becoming malnourished - but didn't seem to show the malnourishment at all from her non-imperfect body shades at her waist.
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    Look to complete your body with a wig for the top of your hair, if you don't have the black hair that Jasmine had. She had long black hair that flowed freely, but was tied with the matching headband described above. In some portions of the film, her hair was longer than the average person's hair, but was tied, but never extended past her waist.
    • At some points in the film, it looked like she was wearing a thin tiara on her head that had a blue-colored diamond/stone in the front with a thin-band that she wore back a little bit from her face and further into her hair.
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    Look for and wear a brown necklace. Jasmine wore a brown necklace around her neck that wasn't overly thick, but wasn't really overly thin either. The thickness decreased as it to a thinner strength as it went further around to the sides of her neck.
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    Conceptualize the shoes she wore. IN some places in the movie, it looks like she was wearing white slip-on shoes, while at other times, it appeared to be a clear-slip on version similar to the slipper that Cinderella lost when trying to arrive to the 'Ball.


  • If the makeup doesn't work out remember that youtube is there to help!
  • Remember that you don't have to have black hair to look like Jasmine!
  • You don't have to have blue or red harem pants to complete the look, you can design your own Jasmine clothing, though these blue or red harem pants would be preferred!

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