How to Look Like Blair Waldorf

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Do you love how put-together and perfectly polished Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf always looks? You've come to the right place- here is your guide on how to look like her.


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    It's all about how you pull things off. You don't have to have brown eyes and be a brunette to look like Blair.

Part 1

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    Wear your hair down. Blair almost always wears her longish brown hair down in loose, polished waves, with lots of volume and shine. But she also sometimes wears it either pin straight or curly. Any of these looks are possible to achieve using a curling iron, straightener, or hot rollers. Never fry your hair! If your hair is naturally wavy, score. Use smoothing serums. If you don't want to use these, try some of the shampoos for that hair type. These only prepare your hair for the following styling, not completely transform it.
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    Wear hair accessories. Blair loves headbands. She will wear headbands in any form. Get a lot of headbands and rock them! If you can't buy any, tie colored ribbons into your hair. Big or small, headbands are a must.
    • Only wear headbands if you want to be high school Blair. In the show once Blair gets to college she stops wearing hair accessories.

Part 2
Appearance and style

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    Aim to be healthy by eating the right foods and keeping your indulgences to a healthy minimum. You can also exercise to keep your body toned. Blair has great legs, arms, and abs, and within a few weeks, you can have those too. Follow a magazine workout (like Seventeen or CosmoGirl), but make sure you totally follow it because a little cheating can mess it all up. You can also try yoga, gymnastics, aerobics, pretty much every sport.
    • During the first couple of books, Blair is bulimic. This is a health disorder and it is totally not recommended. If you have any problems with eating, see your doctor or counselor for help.
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    Dress well. Blair's style is very preppy, classy, and tasteful. She likes collars, shirts, and bows. No matter what her outfit is, Blair always adds a pop of color to it in some way. She might add orange tights to her navy uniform, a bright red coat over a black dress, etc.... Blair also hardly ever wears denim. She always wears skirts, dresses, tights, but never jeans.
    • A signature look for Blair is tights. Tights, tights, tights. In the winter months, she likes to wear lots of tights, and even sometimes in the summer months, or just when the mood comes to her.
    • A few eye-catching accessories don't hurt (big pearl earrings, jewelry with bows, diamonds, scarves, brooches). It's all about keeping your clothing choices harmonious with each other. Blair wears designer clothes because her mother is a designer. Make sure your clothing choices don't look too cheap; of course, they can actually be cheap, but no one should be able to tell!
    • Sleepwear. Blair either sleeps in her shift/slip, or in a cute pajama set, sometimes just a cute tank and matching bottoms.
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    Look cute/ classy all of the time. Blair always looks great, whether she is at school, at a party, or just at home. Blair never looks sloppy, even her pajamas match.
    • Try to own key pieces. Key pieces for adult Blair are: Blazers, Large purses, Pencil skirts, and plain blouses, she also owns form fitting dresses.

Part 3

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    Wear only a little. Blair wears very neutral, neat makeup. Use neutral eye shadows, mascara, blush, and a red or pink lip. Consider looking into a good concealer for dark circles under your eyes and to cover up annoying blemishes. Make sure your eyebrows are neatly groomed, but still soft and natural. For special occasions, either play up your eyes or your lips. Blair never looks overdone. Blair always has the perfect pout, so lip glosses and balms are your best pick.

Part 4
Social life

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    Have a close knit group of friends. Blair has a close group of friends and a popular best friend (Serena van der Woodsen). She loves partying.
    • Blair is the Queen Bee (or Queen B, in Blair's case) of Constance Billards "It" Clique. Get a clique and a best friend to rule it with (but beware of cat fights, as Serena and Blair always compete for the title of Queen Bee). Have a designated place to hang with your clique (they hang at the steps of the MET).
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    Have good manners. Blair almost always has good manners toward her elders, keep in mind to say please and thank you, or even throw a polite smile at a waiter or waitress.


  • One of the main points is Blair's personality. She always carries everything she wears off with great poise and attitude. Don't let anyone insult you- and get away with it. Be above it all!
  • Blair has perfect posture. Do not be afraid to stand tall and hold your chin up with poise.
  • If you can't completely change your wardrobe just start with smaller things. Posture for example, Blair never slouches, sitting or walking, it doesn't matter, always keep your chin slightly lifted when you walk, when sitting, sit up pin straight.
  • Blair is sometimes a heels girl, but if you are going to wear them, make sure you can walk in them. There's nothing that looks sillier than a girl in five inch Manolo stumbling like she's in an earthquake.
  • Blair always has a cute handbag at her side. Try to get a designer label if possible, if you cannot just buy a cute knock off or replica.


  • Just because Blair drinks definitely doesn't mean you have to.
  • Try to replicate, but don't hurt yourself.
  • Remember that Gossip Girl is fiction, and so is Blair Waldorf. Look up the actress to see if she has any beauty tips or habits.
  • To sum it all up, Blair is poised, but she doesn't make good choices sometimes. Her choices should not be your life. They can end in going to jail or getting a bad reputation. Gossip Girl is a show not real life. The things that happen are all for the good of you, the audience.
  • Just because Blair goes to a certain college, doesn't mean you have to!

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