How to Look Like Anna Kournikova

You'll never look exactly like Anna Kournikova, but you can be inspired by her healthy, athletic yet feminine look. Here's how to aspire to the body and style of a striking tennis star.


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    Exercise and take care of your body. Anna Kournikova is neither petite nor dainty. She's got to have the muscles to back up her game. Start weight training and eating more high-protein foods. If possible, take up tennis, and you'll be even closer to achieving Anna's body type.
    • Aerobic exercise can help you build muscle.
    • Make it fun by playing sports with friends, chasing your siblings around at the playground, playing catch, or starting impromptu kickball competitions in your neighborhood.
    • Doing a little is better than doing nothing. Try going for a fifteen-minute walk each day to help you feel fit and healthy.
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    Get a healthy glow. Avoid cooking under the sun, as this is bad for your skin and can lead to cancer. Place a high-SPF facial sunblock on your face if you're going outdoors. (Creams labeled for facial use will not cause acne.) If you want a sun-kissed complexion, try tanning cream—your skin will thank you.
    • Stay hydrated to keep your skin radiant.
    • Try to cover 1/3 of your plate with fruits and vegetables when eating.
    • Limit your junk food intake. Some is fine, but too much can hurt your skin and make you feel tired!
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    Wear sporty outfits. Anna likes wearing short shorts or tiny skirts with small matching tops in bright, clean colors on the court. Get a matching visor and sleek tennis shoes. Bring a hoodie in case it gets cold.
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    Grow your hair long. The key is to have long, shiny, hair. Anna Kournikova's hair is straight/wavy, but you don't need to spend time straightening your hair if you'd rather do other things. Apply a shine serum to reduce frizz and make your locks glisten. Put your hair up in a high, tight and clean ponytail. If you want, make that ponytail into a braid.
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    Be confident. Walk with your head high and a smile at the ready, knowing that you are beautiful, healthy, and awesome.


  • Keep in mind that if you're gaining muscle, your weight on the scale might actually go up, despite your slimmer figure. That's because muscle weighs more than fat.
  • Always use sunless tanning if you want to be tan, and avoid tanning booths.


  • Whatever you do, don't dye your hair blonde. The constant maintenance will wear down your hair, taking away its shine, and even the hint of roots will kill your Anna Kournikova look.

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