How to Look Like a Tennis Player

Do you want to stand out at tennis tournaments? Do you want to intimidate your opponents? Or do you just love the appearance of tennis players? Learn how to look like a tennis player in this article for males and females!


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    Tone your body. Tennis players have lean, toned bodies. Join a gym. Clean up your diet. Define your leg muscles. Tone your arm muscles. This will also improve your game, and that's the most important thing.
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    Go shopping. It's important you be yourself and create your own style on the court. Every tennis player has their own unique style. Look at all the pros and get some ideas of what you may like! Suggestions to choosing your style: hairstyles, wristbands, jewelry, socks, shoes, dresses, shorts, skirts, tops, tanks, hats, headbands, and much more. This takes us to our next step.
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    Choose your hairstyle. There are many different styles you can wear your hair on the tennis court. If you have short hair like Djokovic, look at hats or headbands. If you have medium length hair like Rafael Nadal or Francesca Schiavone, try on headbands or sun visors. Some guys and girls wear it in a short ponytail. If you have long hair like Maria Sharapova, you have many styles to choose from. Try wearing hats, sun visors, headbands or any kind of hair accessories you can think of. You can braid your hair, wear it in a bun, pull it up into a ponytail, and many more.
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    Have a good attitude. Nothing stands out on the court better than a good attitude, sportsmanship, and a good spirit. Never get too upset about a bad shot. Never put yourself down. Be honest about line calls. And just have fun on the court. Practicing good habits like this will benefit you in the long run towards looking and feeling like a tennis player!

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