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Two Parts:Wearing MakeupAccessorizing

Dolls are beautiful, and their most prominent features are flawless skin and large, stunning eyes. If you want to look like a doll, you need a lot of makeup and the right accessories. Follow these tips on how to apply makeup and put the finishing touches on your look!

Part 1
Wearing Makeup

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    Start with a clean face. Take off any makeup you are wearing with makeup remover. Then, wash your face with soap and warm water and gently pat your face dry with a towel. Use a headband or clips to hold back your hair—you don’t want your hair to get in the way.
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    Moisturize. Choose the right moisturizer lotion for your skin type and apply it to your face. This will smooth out any dry patches and create an even surface for makeup application.[1]
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    Put in novelty contact lenses. A doll’s eyes are exaggerated in size and color, so you may want to enhance the color or look of your eyes. If you want defined irises (the colored section of your eye), find a contact lens that creates a dark circle around the iris. These are usually called "circle lenses." Novelty contact lenses can be purchased without a prescription.[2]
    • Choose your lenses based on the look you want. Novelty lenses also come in heightened colors (like blue, green, purple, or gold-brown).
    • Put in your lenses before you put on your eye makeup. You don't want to have any smudges!
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    Use concealer. Create the base for the rest of your makeup. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Carefully apply the concealer around your eyes, nose, and cover any dark spots and blemishes on your face.
    • Repeat this step two more times, making sure to blend the concealer really well. Blending is the only way to create an even, smooth layer.
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    Powder your face. Use a powder that matches your natural skin tone; lightly apply the powder by gently blotting your face with a fluffy applicator. Many powders come with an applicator.
    • Do not rub the powder in—you want to maintain a light look. You want the powder to be seen as this is what creates doll-like skin.
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    Apply your eye makeup. This is the most important step of looking like a doll because dolls most notably have large, deep-set eyes. You can create the same look using makeup, even if your eyes aren't very large or deep-set naturally.[3]
    • Take a light eye shadow color in a pinky color and apply this all over your eyelids to the bottoms of your eyebrows.
    • Then use a reddish-brown shade of eye shadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelids. Make sure to blend your eye shadow. You can do this using your fingers or a small brush.
    • After you’ve applied the darker shade of eye shadow, use lip liner or eyeliner to line your lower eyelid. (The liner should be roughly the same color as the darker eye shadow.) Starting at the middle of your lower eyelid, apply the liner just under the lashes, and move the liner towards the outer corner of your eye. Lightly blend the liner outwards.
    • Use the same liner to draw a line in the crease of your upper lid. Lightly blend. (Tip: If you don't have a defined lid crease, you can create one.)
    • Apply a dark shade of mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes. You will need to apply quite a bit in order to get the lashes thick and long.
    • Apply false eyelashes. Choose a pair of lashes with a lot of lashes, but makes sure they’re not too long. You want to bulk up your eyelashes, but you don’t want them to be distracting. Apply the lashes to your top eyelids. If you're hesitant about using fake eyelashes, you can also draw on fake lower lashes with a liquid line. Just draw little wisps below your eyelid.[4]
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    Fill in your eyebrows. Define and shape your eye brows with an eyebrow gel or liner. In this case, it's perfectly acceptable for eyebrow to look draw on because that's how dolls look![5]
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    Create rosy cheeks. Use a light colored pink or orange-y blush, smile, and apply the blush to the tops of your cheeks. Next, apply the blush upwards from the tops of your cheeks to your hairline.
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    Warm up and define your features. Softly apply a bronzer around the sides of your face. Bronzer helps contour your face and make your cheekbones appear more chiseled.[6]
    • You can make your nose look narrower by using the bronzer along the sides of your nose.
    • You could also add freckles with a brown eyeliner.[7]
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    Make those lips pop. Use a neutral, dark lip liner and apply to your outer lips. Next, use a brighter liner to fill in your lips. Blend these two colors together, making sure that some of the darker liner remains—you want definition!
    • Finally, apply a pink, red or sheer lipgloss, depending on the color you want. This will really make your lips shine!

Part 2

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    Style your hair or try a wig. In addition to flawless skin, dolls have shiny, perfectly styled hair. Think about how you want your hair to look - Long or short? Straight, wavy, or curly? Natural or enhanced or fake color?
    • Decide whether you can style your own hair or if you should opt for a wig instead, which can be purchased inexpensively and can be styled in the way you want.
    • Straighten or curl your hair or opt for a particular hairstyle. Volume is usually a good choice when trying to look like a doll. Many people find they are able to get more volume if their hair isn't freshly washed. Try using a dry shampoo on your hair and them a volumizing product throughout the roots. This will give needed volume to your hair and make it pliable for whatever style you choose.[8]
    • If you want to look dramatically different in length or color, try wearing a wig. You can find wigs at beauty supply stores and costume shops. Don't forget to secure the wig so it doesn't fall off.
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    Decide on your attire. Buy or make some clothing. Traditional dolls wear patterned dresses with buttons and lace. Look for a dress with lace at the collar and buttons down the front. If you can't find the dress you want, you can wear a nightgown or Make a Dress. Embellish your basic homemade dress with lace and buttons. Usually, going feminine is a safe bet to looking like a real-life doll.
    • If you don't want to look like a traditional doll, you can choose to wear whatever you'd like!
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    Complete your look. You should wear simple shoes that compliment your dress. Plain, patent leather shoes and socks with frills will give you a doll-like appearance.
    • If you want to accessorize your hair, a bow or hairband can give your look that child-like aspect of a doll. If do decide wear a bow or hairband, try to find one that matches the color of your shoes or your dress.


  • Use neutral tones like browns, reds, and pinks for a more natural look.
  • For inspiration, you can head to your local toy store and check out their dolls. Find a look that works for you!

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