How to Look Like a Blythe Doll

Blythe dolls are the cute yet creepy things with the big heads and big eyes. Now to becoming one!


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    Clear up your skin! Have no blemishes. Cleanse, tone, and heavily moisturize your skin, even if it is oily. You may think it will cause acne, but the Koreans nourish their skin this way, and they age well.
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    Exfoliate and apply lotion to your body at least once a day, preferably twice. Take a multivitamin. Give yourself a salon style facial weekly. Take baking soda and milk baths weekly to get paler skin. Rub your skin with lemon juice too. They are usually pale, but not always.
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    Wear foundation, concealer, and powder. If it is too hot for that, apply tinted moisturizer and concealer. The dolls come shiny or matte, depending on whether or not they are customized.
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    Care for your hair. Get it trimmed every 2 months or more. Get one haircut and stick with it for a while. You can make little changes, like adding some long layers, or choppier bangs, or side bangs instead of blunt bangs, but nothing to major until summer vacation or another long time off.
    • Try to keep it long but it can also be in a chin bob. Their hair is always shiny, silky, and soft, so do hot oil treatments, mayonnaise masks, and wash with a strengthening shampoo and conditioner. It can be pin straight, in ringlets, bouncy curls, a headband, some clips, in a ponytail, pigtails, or twists. Keep the color mainly solid. Try not to get highlights. It can be any color under the rainbow and beyond.
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    Have expressive large eyes. Any color is great. It would be cool if you had the kind of eyes that change color depending on what you are wearing. To make them look larger and rounder, apply black eyeliner to the top lash, making it thicker in the center and thinner near the ends.
    • Use white eyeliner under your eyes on your waterline and white eye shadow on your tear duct. Apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. You can do any kind of eye shadow design on your lids.
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    Blythe dolls don't have nail polish unless custom. If you want, just apply a clear coat. Or, paint them bright colors or pastels, depending on your style. Make sure your hands are soft yet firm at all times. Mani / Pedi duos are required.
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    Dress in the style. They wear a lot of pastels, but a lot of custom clothes are bright or dark.
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    Use colored contact lenses to change your eye color. The biggest of these dolls have eyes that change color so emulate this if you wish with colored contacts.
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    Have the personality. Keep a poker face besides your eyes, which should express every emotion you have. Be it sweet, bored, sinister, malicious, goody two shoes, cute, innocent, guilty, etc. Don't talk much, and when you do make it meaningful. Have a soft, quiet, slightly high voice. Open your eyes wide and sit cross legged with your hands in your lap and your back straight. Walk gracefully. Get good grades though! Doodle some creepy pictures in class. Nothing like a dead girl, but more a button eyed doll or sad teddy bear. Try to be slightly creepy but in an adorable way. People should be drawn to you, but not know why.
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    Perfect that small mouth. Apply concealer on the edges and a rosy pink lip gloss. Smile by turning up the corners. Be ever so cute with your mouth.


  • If you post pics of your dolly self on the internet, you may get fans and be on the news for your fabulousness.
  • Cutify your things. Decorate your phone, calculator, binders, folders, book covers, or anything. Add cute stickers too!
  • Save up or ask for a Blythe doll. They are very expensive, some in the hundreds of dollars. If you can't afford one, try a little big eyes doll, or Blythe for lps. Custom ones cost the most.
  • Get Blythe doll stationery. Folders, notebooks, stickers, cards, bags, and even toothbrushes are available. Don't overload on Blythe doll stuff, or you will be a poser. Just get one or two things Blythe.


  • Haters and stalkers of Blythe dolls exist.
  • You may be bullied for being different. These bullies are cowards and think they stand out if they wear a ring that is different than everybody else's. You are brave and should tell them.

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