How to Look Like a Biker

Two Parts:Building Your WardrobeFinishing Your Look

Whether you ride a Harley or not, you can look like hardcore biker if you want. Pulling off the biker look can take a lot of work and some drastic changes to your personal appearance. Once you achieve the look you can relax and enjoy the biker lifestyle of bars, bikes and the open road.

Part 1
Building Your Wardrobe

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    Wear a leather jacket or vest.[1] For best results, find an old, smelly, beat up leather jacket or vest. Vintage and resale shops are often your best bet to find a good leather jacket or vest. If you can't find old leather biker gear you can buy a new leather jacket and beat it up until it looks like it has been on the road for years.
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    Get leather boots. Guys and ladies should both own a pair of leather boots. Boots should be black or brown and have a buckle around the outside ankle and up around the top of the boot and a heel to help grip the pegs of the bike.
    • Boots for men should go up to the mid-calf.
    • A biker girl can wear boots that go up higher to around the knees. The bigger the better.
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    Wear denim. Worn denim jeans in black or grey will do. Guys should avoid skinny jeans or baggy jeans. Slim-fit or boot-cut jeans will be pretty convincing. Distressed denim jeans will work well for ladies as long as they are tight.[2]
    • Holes in the jeans are optional. Consider adding some tears or rips to the jeans to create the right impression.
    • A denim biker jacket can be a nice change of pace from your leather jacket. A denim biker jacket should have large flaps across the chest and at least three zipper pockets on the front.
    • Wearing a black leather belt with your denim jeans is always a classy touch.
    • Avoid wearing too much denim at once. Ladies should consider a short, tight black skirt with a denim jacket. Guys might want to go with some grey or black work pants when wearing a denim jacket to maintain a nice balance.
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    Wear black. Whenever possible select black clothing. Black boots, black jacket, black shirt and jeans should make up most of your closet. It is possible to mix in a white shirt, or blue jeans, but try to avoid wearing that much color at the same time. Bright, cheerful colors can give off the wrong impression.
    • Ladies can wear jeans or skirts, and boots. Plus lots of biker jewelry, handbags and accessories. Fringes are fun and leather is necessary. Think black.
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    Sport a bandana. Fold the bandana into a long strip and tie it around your head to create a do-rag. The doo-rag works great for keeping long hair out of your face and keeping grease and sweat from your hair from soaking into your motorcycle helmet.
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    Acquire a chain wallet. There is nothing a biker fears more than having his wallet fall out while riding. The chain wallet has become a staple to help bikers keep their bank, credit and library cards safe.
    • To attach chain wallet, clasp the latch end around front belt loop of denim jeans. Tuck the wallet, located at the opposite end of the chain, into the back pocket of the jeans.

Part 2
Finishing Your Look

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    Get a tattoo. A tattoo is a crucial part of the biker look, but you have to select artwork that is appropriate for bikers. Tribal tattoos or Japanese characters won't work. Repeat this step several times for best results.
    • Guys will need to get a tattoo with skulls, flames, wings, guns, eagles, motorcycles or some combination of those themes.
    • Ladies should consider skulls, stars, roses, guns, pinup models and butterflies. These are all great starting points for a biker girl tattoo design.
    • If you aren't ready to commit to a permanent tattoo, consider shopping for a temporary tattoo that can be applied with water and comes off after several days.
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    Get the right hair look. Ordinary crew cuts just won't do. Bikers need to have tough hair to match their tough persona. Ladies need to find a look that can hold up to the windy road conditions and still look sexy after the trip is over.
    • Guys should consider growing long hair and/or a beard. Growing long biker hair can take many years, so it's best to get started on this step immediately. The longer the hair or the beard, the more believable your biker look is. If you don't like dealing with long hair, consider going the other way and shaving your head. Either way looks extreme, which is the epitome of the biker lifestyle.
    • Ladies may consider various methods for braiding hair. This is probably your best bet for still looking your best when the bike helmet comes off.[3]
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    Consider purchasing a motorcycle. Nothing says "I'm a biker" quite like having a motorcycle. While not having a motorcycle won't prevent you from looking like a biker, actually owning a motorcycle will make your image a little more convincing to other bikers.
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    Get a biker physique. You may want to pump some iron to help bulk up to fit in.
    • Guys should particularly look to add some muscle mass. Most bikers tend to have strong arms so work the biceps with curls and push-ups.
    • Ladies should seek a more toned physique with toned arms. Try a few lunges, squats and calf-raises to strengthen your legs for riding.
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    Frequent biker establishments. If you want to look like a biker, you need to be seen where bikers hang out. Roadhouses and pool halls are a good place to start. If you can't seem to find any local hangouts, join a biker club. They often have their own club bars or a member's house they spend their time at.

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