How to Look Great for Cheer Competitions

Do you want to look great for your cheer competitions? The below steps will teach you how to look great, with a little effort.


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    Put your uniform on before you do your hair. That way, it won't get messed up. Put your deodorant on too, so that it doesn't get on your uniform.
    • Try not to get food on your pretty uniform, it doesn't look good.
    • If you accidentally get a stain, no sweat! Just take a bit of "Oxy Clean" and water and place it on the spot. Dry and rinse it once more, the stain should come off.
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    Use an inoffensive scent. If you need to use perfume, spray on a scent that your team won't mind since they have to be with you the whole day.
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    Be clean and fresh. Feeling good can help you to perform better. Take a shower the night before and shave. When you wake up, wash your face, then try the following:
    • Do your hair and take pride in it. You don't want a ponytail that is bumpy and will get loose. Maybe tease your bangs a bit and smooth over with mousse.
    • Wear your hair and makeup in the same style that your cheer squad is wearing theirs. Decide beforehand what hairstyle you're doing.
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    • Do your makeup. Take care to not pack on the make-up, or leave it unblended and unsymmetrical. Use pretty skin type pinks on your face. Use some glitter too. Pluck or wax your eyebrows.
    • Before you put on that special shade of lipstick, try this tip: Take a damp washcloth and rub it back and forth on you lips. This takes off any dead skin and freshens up your skin. Do not rub too hard though, as that can make you lips sore.
    • Brush your teeth; cheerleaders need to smile, therefore, they need clean teeth. If you want you teeth whiter, try baking soda or whitening strips.
    • Make sure that your nails are not painted and are clean cut.
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    Clean your cheer shoes. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a soft foam nail file; these work well well on shoes to clean off dirt and other marks. Or, try putting the shoes in the dryer or washer. Bleach can also work but it is a risky this to work with.
    • Tuck your shoelaces in, especially if you have long ones.
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    Take off any jewelry and take out any piercings. While you compete, you can't wear any jewelry that your team doesn't. It can also be dangerous if it gets caught or scratches someone. And your team gets judged on how they look, matching wise, and that would get points off your routine.
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  • Double tie your laces so they don't come undone in the middle of the competition, and make sure they are tied good and tight. (especially if you are a flyer.)
  • Bring extra cosmetics for yourself.
  • If you have them, wear contacts instead of glasses.
  • Wear a tampon instead of a pad, if you can.
  • Eat something before you cheer.
  • Drink water if thirsty. Go to the bathroom before it's your turn to cheer.
  • Smile often.
  • Bring a brush and extra hair accessories (especially hairspray), because your hair might fall down.
  • If you have a ribbon, have someone else put it in for you (like your coach) so you can be sure it looks okay. If you have more than one ribbon, be sure to wear the right one.
  • Make up should be pretty and emphasize important aspects, like your eyes. Eyeliner is a good idea, because (like a football player's black streaks under his eyes) it can make bright lights less dramatic. Glitter or sparkles can get in your eyes, or make tiny scratches on your eyelids - even if you only wear them once or twice, so these aren't a good idea sometimes though. Makeup that matches the other cheerleader's on your squad is a good idea - it is intimidating to see a team that matches perfectly, and it unifies the squad.


  • Don't oversleep so you have to rush -- take your time!
  • Don't overdo your make-up.
  • Don't be nervous!

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