How to Look Great at a School Disco (Girls)

Remember that discos are meant to be fun and a place that you can have a great time at with all of your friends. Keep this in mind when deciding what to wear as you will definitely want to be comfy in whatever you are in. It doesn't matter if you're expected by everyone to wear a dress when you really don't want to wear one at all! Your clothes are entirely your choice after all.


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    Plan your outfit! Now,this shouldn't be a tiresome challenge that reduces you to a sobbing wreck as you don't know what to choose! Remember, there will always be other discos and parties so if you can't decide over what top or jeans to wear, then you can simply save one pair for another time. Consider what you want to look like on the night. A pretty girly girl? A rock princess? A relaxed chick? All are great looks! Here are some ideas:
    • Girly girl
    • A mini-dress and bright tights.
    • A pretty skirt
    • Shorts with some black tights (or even brightly coloured ones!)
    • Slogan or cool top
    • Denim skirt or jeans with leggings
    • Converse or flat trainers
    • Relaxed chick
    • Wide legged denim jeans
    • Sweet top
    • Flat trainers
    • Mini pencil skirt
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    Choose whatever colours that you want. Dark, light or black denim, pink, black, purple and blue all look attractive and some of them mix fantastically together to create a coordinated outfit.
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    Do your hair! There are loads of great looks and ideas to try. Hair that looks loose and carefree is best for a disco,and the trick is to not look like you spent hours trying to achieve one style. Some good ideas are:
    • Straighten your hair and accessorize with a headband, clips or putting hair up into a natural bun, plaits or tie half of your hair up and leave half of it down. (Remember to use heat protection spray or cream, as not to burn or frazzle your style when using heated styling tools).
    • Put your hair up and curling the ends to a cool, relaxed look that has a big impact.
    • If you have short hair, a light curl is pretty with a bow or flower depending on your outfit
    • Leave your hair down and curl the ends to create beautiful, heavenly curls.
    • Remember that if you need anything like gel to keep a do in place that you do not use too much. Having over-slicked or greasy hair doesn't look nice at all.
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    Put on jewelry! Coordinated bead bracelets look amazing if arranged in the correct way, Long necklaces (but not too long) with dangly bits look lovely, fancy earrings or cute studs and charm bracelets will all top of your look.
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    Apply makeup. Bright colours and colourful shades are real attention grabbers! Greens, blues, purple and pink look great on your eyes. Add a smoky eyeliner to line and define! Mascara will extravagant your lashes. A lip gloss with a pinkish shade is good.
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    Now go out and have fun!


  • Smile to look happy, as you probably will be.
  • Don't let anything get in the way of having a great night!
  • Wash your face before you get ready.
  • Even paint your nails with a clear coat or bright colours for added fun!
  • Get a good night's sleep before as not to have dark, purple shadows under your eyes the next day.
  • Also wash all your make-up off so you don't develop spots.
  • Choose accessories you love!
  • Ask your friends for advice if still unsure.
  • The most important thing to bring to a disco? Confidence! Love the way you look, have fun and send a message to the crowd saying "I look great and am having fun!"
  • Accessorize you hair to brighten it up.
  • Do not overdo your makeup. Consider getting help or opinions from an adult or friend when you do your makeup
  • Make sure your outfit represents you, if it's a school thing you don't want to give your friends the wrong impression, just because they're going casual, doesn't mean you can't stick out from the crowd!
  • Necklaces with charms and motifs are special.
  • Use shampoo,conditioner, exfoliator, body wash, moisturizer...anything you like!
  • Do not wear too much white or you will stick out like a swore thumb.
  • Hire the bathroom for about an hour and have a full on pampering session!
  • Wear a hoodie on the way in in case it is cold.


  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable, as fidgeting around all night will be just annoying.
  • Don't put on too much make up or over dress. This may look like you have tried hard.
  • Be safe at all times.

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