How to Look Gorgeous and Work Your Curves

Whether you have fantastic curves or a model's straight-up and down physique, this article will help you work your figure and get sexy.


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    Assess your shape and the fit of your underwear. Stand in front of a full length mirror and check out how your underwear fits. Does it cut into your skin? Are you spilling out of your bra left, right and center? Or, conversely, do you have straps that constantly slip down, or gappy cups? Even if you think your underwear fits perfectly, be sure to follow the next step, as we can never be sure! Now that you're down to your bra and pants, have a good look at yourself. What kind of figure do you have? Are you a voluptuous hourglass? A pear shape with gorgeous, womanly hips and a bum to die for? An apple, all bosomy with broad shoulders but with slim hips? Or perhaps you have the banana body shape, straight up and down, slim hips and not a lot up top? Once you've confirmed your body shape, you want to pick out the parts of your body you like. Perhaps a pear shaped lady will want to flaunt that gorgeous bottom. Focus on your best parts.
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    Visit a lingerie shop! Get yourself measured to find out what bra size you are to ensure you are wearing the right size. If you wear the wrong size, your breasts will suffer and will most certainly not look as good as they would if you wore the right size of bra.
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    Buy yourself some lovely lingerie! Now, if you are reading this article, you are probably one of those women with gorgeous curves who hate their shape and wear boring knickers and those awful white bras with no support or shape to them. Go for some color like decadent ivory, sexy black, or playful pink. Enjoy yourself while shopping for lingerie, it's not a chore! Pick out lacy creations, you want to feel sexy. Try bras with detailing and bows and other lovely additions, again making sure you're buying the right size. Make sure you buy a bra that suits your bust (But the trusty balconette bra looks great on everybody!) ; if you have a fuller bust, you want something under-wired with lots of support. Something plunging looks fabulous on a busty lady. If you have a smaller bust, you perhaps want an uplift bra, or a bra with padding, a proper cleavage enhancer! At the end of the day, just make sure that your bra fits well, matches your knickers and makes you feel sexy! And please remember, if you're a woman with tremendous breasts, this is an area where you can spend, spend, spend!
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    Go back to the mirror! Try on your sexy new lingerie. Take a good look, see how great it makes you look and feel, see how sexy you are. Love yourself. Define what parts of yourself you like the most. Perhaps you've got a luscious pout. If that's the case, you want to keep your teeth in great condition (You should be doing that anyway!) and you should spend an extra minute in your daily routine to slick on a little lip gloss. Draw attention to your mouth and don't be afraid to experiment with lip color! You might, however, feel that you have the most gorgeous eyes! Here, you should keep your eyes clear and dewy with eye drops, ensure that your make-up is properly cleaned off at night. Make the most of your eyes! Be sure to get plenty of sleep, as you don't want dark circles or bloodshot peepers bringing you down! You might want to invest in having your eyelashes tinted, this can save you a fortune on mascara and really brings out your eyes. Also be sure that you keep your eyebrows well-groomed and perhaps even start experimenting with eye make-up. Work black liquid eyeliner with feline flicks, or sparkling shadows. Avoid fake eyelashes as they can make your look harsh, and will give off a lack of confidence as they are usually obviously fake. Whatever you do, once you've identified your best parts, make sure you take a little extra time to make your best parts stand out and look good!
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    Spend a lot of time on grooming. Make sure you're well-looked after. Take care of your skin, keep your hair nourished, wax when and where required, but get your bikini line done professionally, just basically treat your body to a good old spoiling. Invest in gorgeous smelling body lotions, exfoliate regularly, always clean your make-up off at night, cleanse and tone! Just be sure to keep yourself in tip-top condition. The fact that you spend a lot of time making yourself look good makes others see that you are worth that time, and also is a great help when you're out on the town or just seducing your man indoors (In your sexy new undies, obviously.). This will boost your self-confidence, as you'll be proud of how good you look!
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    Hit the town! By now you'll have identified your body shape and sorted out your underwear, so we now want you to dress to your body shape! Look at other wikihows or search the internet, you'll find a lot of information on how to dress for your body shape. I'd also suggest watching Gok Wan's How To Look Good Naked on 4oD; he really knows how to help you work your curves! Please ladies, don't cover yourself up! Dress to suit your shape!
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    Walk tall and stand straight; good posture works wonders! Now that you're working your best parts, looking great in your lovely underwear, and are totally dressed to kill and ready for action! Go out on the town and flaunt it. Don't forget the wonders heels can work for you.
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    Exercise! Exercising is often viewed as a way to lose weight, but exercise is also a way to firm up and get in shape. You often do not need to lose weight, but rather you should keep your muscles toned to maintain your attractive shape.
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    If you're lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, work that bootylicious behind and those great boobs!


  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin looking good.
  • Love yourself!
  • Don't be scared to show off your curves!
  • Dress to suit your shape!
  • Work on your posture!
  • Moisturize!
  • Exercise and eat healthily; you won't look good or feel good unless you treat your body well!
  • Love your shape!
  • Get regularly measured to make sure your bras fit!

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