How to Look Good in Skimpy Cosplay when You're Overweight

Looking good in cosplay and rocking your costume mostly comes down to your own self-confidence and your ability to ignore the negative things that people could say to you. Hopefully, this will help with that.


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    Be confident and don't let weight get in the way. You've probably been looking forward to this for some time. Don't let something like your weight stop you from cosplaying the characters you really want to. Body type shouldn't be an issue, just the same as age, gender, or skin color. If you do feel that you need to lose weight, however, there is no harm in exercising, and even if the effects aren't particularly noticeable, it'll help boost your self-confidence and get you started on working towards a goal.
    • Society is all wrong in their thinking, what does it matter what size you are as long as you're happy and have confidence within yourself? A number of women become fashion models who are plus size.
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    Alter your costume as needed. If you feel that the costume requires a bit of alteration to work with your body type, then don't be afraid to make that alteration if it makes you feel more comfortable. Fiddle with hemlines and sleeve positioning and the way patterns flow. Find what works for you.
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    Prepare yourself mentally. Know that there will be people who try to kill your buzz and make you feel bad about yourself and your body. They might say that you don't deserve to cosplay that particular character because you don't look like them, or because you "aren't hot." But also know that there will also be people who will be supportive and so, so proud of you for having the courage to reveal yourself to the world so openly. Ignore the haters. They don't know what's good for them.
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    Find a friend to go with you who can offer emotional support if you need it. Find more than one. Go to the con and make new friends! Find other people with the same cosplaying desires as you and ask them how they go about feeling good in their costumes. Odds are, you'll start feeling better about yourself once you've become part of a community.
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    Have fun, how cliché it may sound. Cosplay is about enjoying yourself, and if you feel uncomfortable, then you shouldn't force yourself to keep going if you aren't prepared.
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    Go forth and be gorgeous! Many people will admire you courage and your dedication to your character.


  • Be confident! Act like your character; that way more people will focus on the cosplay instead of your weight.
  • No one body type is best. All body types are equal and the best look for your specific body type is whatever you decide to put on. No matter what you cosplay as you are important and you matter. If people tell you you can't cosplay as something because of weight then ignore them and do it anyway.
  • even if you don't look like the character, change your voice pitch to fit the character. When posing for the camera, establish a straight back, suck in your breath, and smile. Models use this trick commonly, to appear more thinner.
  • If you buy a size up from your actual size you will not need too take a breath in; it's all about making yourself look fab, no matter what size.
  • Wear colours that flatter you and go better with your skin tone.
  • Wear flattering clothes. You can be body beautiful no matter what size you are.


  • If the cosplay-outfit is putting emphasis on certain area's that you'd rather hide or conceal, consider slightly changing the outfit to your advantages. A (Pokémon Misty) outfit with hot pants can changed into a waist-hot pants, if you'd rather not show your lower belly. Small adjustments do not change the way the costume looks and if it makes you more comfortable in the outfit, then that's what you have to do.
  • Make sure to alternate/adjust the clothing is made from extremely thin-fabric/cheap. There's no shame in changing a thin ribbon into a big shiny rope/string if you have big breasts and it's supposed to hold your bikini up. There is shame however, in trying to wear something that falls apart when you walk and leaves you naked on the Comic Con. (This counts for all costumes, not just costumes for heavier people.) Quality and strength of fabric are important, make sure you wear the right bra underneath if you have big breasts and you'll never have to worry about the bikini-string snapping.
  • Odds are, there will be people who try to harass you, one way or another. If it becomes a problem, the con staff will be able to help.
  • Weather is something that anyone should consider when choosing their cosplay. You might want to consider having a cloak/ jacket that your character wore as well if you think it will be cold.

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